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The street sign of the Blue Top Motel, alongside 5th Street. Made of wood with a small, shingled roof, the sign reads:

"Blue Top Motel
Cable - TV - HBO

Next to the sign is a street lamp; a planter filled with flowers and hanging ivy…

A business card advertising for the Blue Top Motel, which was located in Coralville, Iowa. The text printed in the center of the card states:

"Blue Top Motel
- The Finest -
3 miles west of Iowa City, IA.
1 Block North off Hiway 6
Quiet -…

This mileage sheet was likely given as a resource to guests and potential guests of the Blue Top Motel to show the driving distances between the motel in Coralville and several cities in Iowa, as well as larger cities in Illinois, Nebraska,…

A printed document announcing the closure of the local Coralville motel, The Blue Top Motel, by the owners. The document has a border around the edge with embellished corners. A photograph of Larry and Judy Smith is in the center of the page; in the…

The Carousel Inn sign on a grassy corner next to Highway 6, taken from the intersection of 1st Ave. The large white sign reads: "Coming Oct 15 the weekly news all about Coralville and the world."

The Carousel Inn started construction in 1969,…

The street sign for the Carousel Inn and Restaurant, made up of four signs stacked upon single pole. The bottom sign states, "Breakfast 7 to 11", and directly above this, a large white sign shares menu items in black lettering: "Caesar Salad, Steak…

Vehicles drive up and down a busy street on the left side of the photograph; a wide paved shoulder gives way to grass and shrubbery. Multiple signs line the road on the right side of the photograph: a street sign stating "Coralville" sits on top of…

Donutland opened on Highway 6 in April of 1984 with an official ribbon-cutting ceremony. The business offered doughnuts and other baked desserts to Coralville residents until closing in January of 2004 (Coralville Courier, 1984; Iowa City…

A photo of the Ming Garden Chinese Restaurant. The front of the restaurant is decorated with a tower facade. A sign on the left hand is decorated with Chinese writing and the following words:

"Ming Garden Chinese Restaurant
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