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Ed La Grange, Linda Parker, and Ruth Halterman pose outside the library with a fall harvest themed display.

Mary (Chambers) Kriz, wearing a long skirt, holds the bridle of a dark horse in the back yard of a farm house. A bare footed Fred Kriz, her son, sits on the horse, reins in his hands.

Four baskets filled to the brim with corn, apples, beans, and other produce sit outside the Kriz family home. Flowers bloom alongside the side of the house.

Home-grown produce like this was often sold at farmers' markets and local grocery stores.…

Alvin and Leona (Conklin) Prizler pause for a picture on their way down the church aisle during their wedding. Alvin wears a dark suit. Leona has her arm in his, and wears a white wedding gown, veil, and pearls. A bouquet of flowers is held in her…
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