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Various shots of a walking bridge that is being built to cross the Iowa River.

County and road officials stand at the water's edge at the flooded Curtis Bridge that crosses the Iowa River northwest of Coralville, Iowa. The area was regularly flooded by the Iowa River in spring rains. Picture taken in 1918 spring flood.

A woman rests her hand on the bridge's metal railing over the Coralville Dam and peers over to the falling water below. The bridge is narrow...

Likely a friend or family member of the Kriz family, based on the photos it was donated with.

Two friends stand next to each other on the bridge over the Coralville Dam, The Iowa River spills off the dam into a waterfall beneath them. Trees can be seen in the background.

(Again, possibly connected to the Kriz family?)

A picture of the Coralville Mill Dam from the river bank, near where the Iowa City Electric Light and Power Company was built around 1915 (Walch, p. 32). While the river water flows undeterred through the dam, large chunks of ice form near the baseā€¦

The excursion boat Coralville Queen sits stuck on the bridge over the dam after slipping its mooring during a 1960s flood (Walch, p. 23).

The churning waters of the Iowa River has overtaken the bridge above the dam and heads towards Iowa City (Walch, p. 23).
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