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Two Clydesdales pull a white carriage in the Fourth of July parade.

Hazelle (Yenter) Parkers kneels on the front lawn next to a low cart, which her young neighbor Allen Beachler sits inside. He wears a hat and holds an item in his hands, which Hazelle appears to be looking at. Adam looks up at her, apparently…

Two horses hitched to carriage stands in front of a store front with the word "Groceries" across the top. In the carriage sits two persons, one in the front holding the reins, and one in the back. A third horse stands next to the carriage. Two men in…

Edwin " Ned" Paintin (b. Feb 28, 1897-d Dec. 4, 1954) is the only child of John "Jack" Paintin and Frances (Robinson) Paintin.

Edwin Paintin was a member of Company A 530th Engineers and served in WWI.

He married Ruth Davis, daughter of Otis…

The child Frances "Frankie" Robinson sits in a three wheeled baby carriage; the top cover has been folded down. Frances wears a light colored dress with a pattern around her neck, waist, and hemline. She raises one hand to her ear; while the other…

The family home of Alexander and Caroline (Gould) Hart Koser. Located at the corner of Sixth Street and First Avenue, this house was built after 1872, when Alexander purchased 470 acres of land from John. H. Clark.

In this photograph, three…

A young Raymond Cole sits in a open four-wheeled carriage while holding the reins of two horses. A thin carriage whip can be seen standing up at his feet. The carriage sits in a open field with a line of trees in the back.

Raymond Roy Cole was…

The students of Coralville School, from primary grades to eighth. The teacher, Alma Raymond, stands in the third row.

First row (sitting), left to right: Helen Osborn, Frederick Kriz, Frederick Dever, Max Deck, Dorothy Alwine, & Gale…

Mayor Jim Fausett holds the reins of a team of horses during the annual 4thFest parade through Coralville. American flags and city residents line 8th Street for the celebration (Walch, p. 119).

A barefoot child in a lace lined dress stands behind a house, both hands on the tongue of a toy wagon. Based on the other photographs this image was donated with, it is possible this is a young Kriz child, potentially Helen, the daughter of Fred and…

Mayor Alvin Green, wearing a coat, stands next to a snow-covered hose cart. The two-wheeled cart had 1,000 feet of hose, and could be hitched onto a car or pulled by hand according to George Prehoda, Coralville's first fire chief. Rex Brandstatter…
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