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A child sits atop a bike on a parade float with the theme Ride the Tide.

Ricky Wells drives a toy fire engine in the Fourth of July parade, July 4, 1995

Children skating with the Old Capitol Skaters Alliance & Ice Hockey group in the Fourth of July parade.

Children dressed patriotically sit next to a giant can of Tecate beer on a parade float.

The baseball team Coralville Pride walks in the Fourth of July parade. All players are wearing the team uniform.

Several John Deere vehicles, all representing McCabe Equipment in Coralville, are driven in the Fourth of July parade.

People lining the side of the street sit in lawn chairs and on blankets to watch the Fourth of July parade.

A group of patriotically dressed children sit on a parade float decorated with a small house and a flower box. The float is meant to represent 'the American dream.'

A large group of people sits on the side of the road to watch an emergency vehicle in the Fourth of July parade.

A line of parade floats driving up the street, with the crowd and a pair of clowns as a point of focus.

Frank Vesely drives a 1949 Case LA Antique tractor in the Fourth of July parade.

Ricky Wells rides in a small toy fire engine in the Fourth of July parade. Other children, waving American flags, walk behind him.

A "Back to School" themed parade float for the Coralville Hy-Vee.

A parade float for The Advertiser. Its theme is "School's Out! Gone Swimming."

Children sitting on a Community Christian Church parade float decorated with a cutout of a church building. The float's theme is "Good Old Time Vacation Bible School Days."

A Fourth of July parade float celebrating Victory 4-H Club's tenth anniversary.

Children and adults dressed as cowboys wave from a float decorated with hay bales and cacti. The float's theme is "Lasso a Good Book For Some Good Old Fashioned Learnin'" to represent the Coralville Public Library's summer reading program.

Children dressed in matching red shirts and white shorts and shoes perform baton twirling in the 1993 Fourth of July parade.

Children from TLC Child Development sit on a float decorated like a schoolhouse.

Cub Scouts from Pack #270 walk in the Fourth of July parade.
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