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Boyhood neighbors Mike Parker (left) and Gary Anderson (right) paint a small shed together. Both grinning boys wear rimmed caps, and have one hand on the hip as the other hand paints. Anderson's house can be seen in the back left corner of the…

Two women from the Carlton-Huffman family wash laundry outdoors in metal buckets next to the water pump. Both women have the sleeves of their dresses rolled up and wear aprons, hair held back with tied handkerchiefs. A basket of laundry sits at their…

Josephine (Augustine) Kubicek and an older woman sit outside in wooden chairs. The older woman has a bowl of produce in her lap, such as beans or peas. Both women hold their hands over the bowl, working with the produce. A leaf covered tree is…

Two farm men, Charley Wilson and Sam Grant, work together to pitch hay (Walch, pg 34). One stands on a haystack while the other stands on the ground, holding up a pile of hay on his pitchfork.

A woman smiles at the camera while using the home water pump to fill up a pitcher. She wears a checkered dress lined in lace and high heels. While unknown, this woman was likely a family member or friend of the Kriz family.
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