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Various shots of a walking bridge that is being built to cross the Iowa River.

Building of new play structures and equipment for Kiddie Korral Park in Coralville, Iowa

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Assembling the new play equipment to be installed in Kiddie Korral Park 8th St. and 12th Ave. Coralville

Roundabout central island on the Iowa River Landing on 9th St in Coralville, Iowa. Traffic control for the new Xtream Ice Arena.

The beginning stages of roundabout on the Iowa River Landing in Coralville, Iowa.

ENG006 (1).jpg
Construction progress on roundabout on 9th Street and Second Ave on Iowa River Landing

Members of the American Legion Post #721 stand in a row with their arms around each other and smile for photographs. Two of the men hold shovels that were used during the ceremony.

The members of both the American Legion Walter Johnson Post #721…

A front view of the wheel-house under construction in 1915. It contained two waterwheels and was a part of the project to rebuild the dam in the 1910s.

This wheel-house was a part of the Iowa City Light and Power Company. The articles of this…

Workers start construction on the old mill dam to create a 3,000-kilowatt waterwheel pit for the Iowa City Electric Light and Power Company. The old flour mill can be seen in the background; *snow covers the project and the men wear coats and hats…

About twenty men work repair construction on the wooden dam. Whether these repairs were needed due to the result of age, use, or ice damage is unknown.

Behind the workers along the bank of the river are the Coralville mills. Starting from the left…

A wooden dam built across the Iowa River. Trees line the side of either bank of the river behind the dam. Wood boards lay in haphazard piles along the shore closest to the photographer.

During an Iowa City Manufacturing Company meeting on May 18,…

John H. Halvorsen walks beside his ditching machine. He used this machine to put in water and sewer lines both in Manville and University Heights in Iowa City; pieces of pipe can be seen on the ground near him.

John H. Halvorsen was born in…

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A photograph of Harold D. Paschal, the Grand Master of the masonic Clarksville Lodge 668 of Coralville, and Mayor Michael Kattchee stand next to the public library cornerstone. The symbolic laying of the cornerstone ceremony was attended by about 75…

New Mayor Jim Fausett and city officials open the beginning of road renovations along Highway 6 (Walch, p. 59). Fausett stands on the right, holding a jackhammer. The city officials, all wearing hard hats, hold up a sign that reads: "CoralVISION…

Mayor Jim Fausett stands near center as a line of city council members and city residents use golden shovels to dig at the ground breaking ceremony for the Coralville Center of the Performing Arts. The ceremony took place in the fall of 2010; the…

Governor Chet Culver shakes the hand of city councilor Tom Gill at a groundbreaking ceremony for the First Avenue Corridor Recovery and Protection project funded by I-Jobs, a major flood-recovery project after the flood in 2008. Mayor Jim Fausett…
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