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Three of the daughters of Edward and Elizabeth (Lucas) Demory and their families stand for a picture outside in the snow during holiday celebrations. All wear coats and other winter gear.

Left to right: Edith Evans, Ella (Alwine) [William]…

A formal photograph of four of the five sons of Alexander and Francis (Henry) Wilson. Three of the sons are clearly older; two stand on either end of a bench, while the other sits. They all wear suits and fur caps, with longneck rifles in hand. The…

A formal portrait of the John McGinnis family. All dressed in dark dresses and suits, the parents sit while surrounded by their standing children. The youngest child, John Ralph, sits on the armrest of his father's chair. A painted background is set…

Pitcher family members watch Sunday Easter mass together in the living room. Jim Pitcher and Shirley Pitcher sit side by side in rocking chairs; Alan Pitcher sits behind them. According to Sara Pitcher, the photographer, usually the family has a…

Pitcher family members watch Sunday Easter mass together in the living room. Jim Pitcher and Shirley Pitcher sit side by side in rocking chairs and the computer is set in front of them.

According to Sara Pitcher, the photographer, the Easter mass…

A detailed description of how one Coralville local spent her day on Mother's Day, 2020.

Sara Pitcher describes meeting her family outdoors to go for a hike at Wildcat Den State Park. Following the outing they visit a brewery that does not accept cash due to heightened concern about hygiene during the pandemic.

82.102.4 - jpeg.jpg
Joseph Kimbal Hemphill's family as they celebrate Independence Day in front of their home at 1011 Eight Street. This is one of the earliest photographs of Coralville taken on the Fourth of July (Walch, p. 116).

Front row, left to right: Nathaniel…

Mary (Chambers) Kriz, wearing a long skirt, holds the bridle of a dark horse in the back yard of a farm house. A bare footed Fred Kriz, her son, sits on the horse, reins in his hands.

Frederick J. Kriz (left), an unidentified friend (center), and Helen Kriz (right) ride side-by-side on their bicycles (Walch, p. 87). They appear to be in front of the Kriz family home.

Baseball players pause for a photograph during their informal baseball game: Frederick J. Kriz (left) has both hands on his bat, while the boy in the center wears a baseball mitt and lets his bat rest against his shoulder. The boy on the right holds…

Three persons balance on a fallen tree over Clear Creek. Their reflections can be seen in the water below them.

Fred John Kriz can be seen standing on the left side; the boy sitting in the middle and a man in overalls on the right side are both…

A family portrait of Joseph Kimbal Hemphill, his wife Mary Ellen, and their seven children.

Front row, left to right: Effie (Hemphill) Scales, Arch Hemphill, Mary Ellen (Ward) Hemphill, Joseph Kimbal Hemphill, and Lucy (Hemphill) Dean.


A family portrait of James Wesley Fackler, his wife Sarah Jane (Clark) Fackler, and their seven adult children. An eighth child, a daughter named Hattie, died in childhood.

James Wesley Fackler was born on March 18, 1843 in Pennsylvania. Sarah…

Ezekiel Clark, Jr. sits for a portrait with his young daughter, Lillian.

Ezekiel Clark, Jr. was born on August 20, 1869* to John Henry and Mary (McCullough) Clark in Clarksville, Iowa. He married Emma Borts on September 12, 1888. Ezekiel served…

A family portrait of Frank Alwine, his wife Cora, and three of their four children.

Front row, left to right: Frank Alwine, Dorothy (Alwine) [Benjamin] Schneider, and Cora (Demory) Alwine.

Back row, left to right: Ella (Alwine) [William]…

A wedding photograph of two couples: on the left, Clarence & Ruth (Wade) Alwine, and on the right, Ben & Dorothy (Alwine) Schneider.

Clarence was married previously to Alice McMillan. They had two children, Marian (b, 1927) and Kenneth (b. 1929),…

Genevieve (Nagle) Brandstatter sits behind a wooden chair, holding daughter June (b. 1921). On the chair, her son Erwin (b. 1919) and oldest daughter Ruth (b. 1916) sit side by side. All three children gaze left, while Genevieve stares directly into…

A photograph of Benjamin W. and Samantha Ann (Poland) with their four children, taken outside. Also pictured is Zella (Mathes) Bowers, who married A. Ray Bowers in 1920.

Benjamin W. Bowers was born on January 30, 1851 to Nathaniel and Esther…

A photograph of the Bowers family, taken on the front porch of the William Bowers home.

Back row, left to right: Emma (Bowers) Cropley, Miriam (Reeves) Bowers, Samantha Ann (Poland) Bowers, Joseph W., William H. Bowers, Benjamin W. Bowers, Ethel…
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