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Cedar County farmer Bob Milder rides a 1943 Ll John Deere tractor in the Fourth of July parade.

Musicians and an "audience" on a Support American Farmers parade float.

Two adults and a child dressed as an old-time farmer family sit among antique farm and homesteading equipment

The Hemmingways, local farmers, ride in the Fourth of July parade as its grand marshalls

A formal portrait of John and Emma (Lowe) Wenman.

John Arthur Wenman was born to Henry and Harriet (Dunn) Wenman on February 15, 1853 in Battle Creek, Michigan. He married Emma Lowe on October 9, 1875. The couple had eleven children: William,…

Dana H. White and Emma (Tofting) White sit on a wooden church pew in between two white vases of flowers. He wears a suit and a white boutonniere, while she dons a striped dress, white gloves, and a corsage. This photograph was taken at their 54th…

A formal portrait of Violet S. (Hankins) Williams. She wears a high collared dress. The photographer's name, Townsend, is typed on the bottom of portrait, along with his studio address: "22 Clinton Street, Ground Floor, I.C. IA".

Violet Selena…

A photograph of Delos and Nelle (Gaunt) Francis sitting on a doily-covered sofa. He wears a tie and suit jacket, while she wears a long dress with a lacy collar.

Delos Francis was born on April 4, 1885 to Charles and Mary Ellen (Clark) Francis in…

A formal portrait of Joanna (Smith) Fairchild, dated around 1900. The photograph is in a matting with an oval shape.

Joanna (Smith) Fairchild was born to John and Anna Smith on November 12, 1840 in Dumfries, Scotland. In 1861, Joanna married…

A formal portrait of Timothy Marsh Fairchild, dated around 1900.

Timothy Marsh Fairchild was born to Timothy Marsh and Sarah Ann (Miller) Fairchild on September 30, 1837 in Brant County, Ontario, Canada. He married Joanna Smith in 1861. They had…

Loran I. Conklin looks directly at the camera in this photograph. Dressed in coveralls, button-up shirt, and a cap, he stands in front of a tree covered in leaves.

Loran I. Conklin was born in November of 1859. His wife, Mary A. Kohl, was born…

Joseph and Anna (Novak) Cole sit in a backyard garden on wooden chairs. He wears a tie and trousers with no jacket, while she wears a dress. Behind them is a picket fence lined with bushes and other leafy plants.

Joseph Cole was born to Peter and…

A young Raymond Cole sits in a open four-wheeled carriage while holding the reins of two horses. A thin carriage whip can be seen standing up at his feet. The carriage sits in a open field with a line of trees in the back.

Raymond Roy Cole was…

A formal portrait of William Hamilton Bowers and Miriam Reeve on their wedding day. They were married on August 2, 1902.

William H. Bowers was born on July 28, 1877 and was the eldest son of Benjamin and Samantha (Poland) Bowers. Miriam Reeve was…

A photograph of the Bowers family, taken on the front porch of the William Bowers home.

Back row, left to right: Emma (Bowers) Cropley, Miriam (Reeves) Bowers, Samantha Ann (Poland) Bowers, Joseph W., William H. Bowers, Benjamin W. Bowers, Ethel…

A photograph of Benjamin W. and Samantha Ann (Poland) with their four children, taken outside. Also pictured is Zella (Mathes) Bowers, who married A. Ray Bowers in 1920.

Benjamin W. Bowers was born on January 30, 1851 to Nathaniel and Esther…

Two farm men, Charley Wilson and Sam Grant, work together to pitch hay (Walch, pg 34). One stands on a haystack while the other stands on the ground, holding up a pile of hay on his pitchfork.

Farm man George Prehoda stands by his open truck cab (Walch, p. 34). The truck bed, made of wooden boards, contains a large pile of corn.

In addition to farming, George Prehoda volunteered as Coralville's first fire chief. When interviewed, he…
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