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An aerial view of the city of Coralville. On the bottom of the image, the Iowa City Electric and Power Company can be seen on the Iowa River with the dam. Koser's Store stands across the road and diagonal from the company. Fifth Street runs…

A map of the city of Coralville, circa 1870 (Lovetinsky et al., p. 42). The lines drawn designate the property boundaries of acres of land belonging to different landowners at that time; their names are listed to indicate which acres they owned. The…

A young Raymond Cole sits in a open four-wheeled carriage while holding the reins of two horses. A thin carriage whip can be seen standing up at his feet. The carriage sits in a open field with a line of trees in the back.

Raymond Roy Cole was…

Farm man George Prehoda stands by his open truck cab (Walch, p. 34). The truck bed, made of wooden boards, contains a large pile of corn.

In addition to farming, George Prehoda volunteered as Coralville's first fire chief. When interviewed, he…
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