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Mayor Jim Fausett and President George W. Bush shake hands amidst a crowd of people. The United States president visited Coralville, Iowa City, and Cedar Rapids with FEMA representatives and Governor Chet Culver to survey damages caused by the 2008…

Governor Chet Culver shakes the hand of city councilor Tom Gill at a groundbreaking ceremony for the First Avenue Corridor Recovery and Protection project funded by I-Jobs, a major flood-recovery project after the flood in 2008. Mayor Jim Fausett…

Flood water comes up and over the base of a handrail next to the Iowa City Electric Light and Power Company. The photo centers on a sign that states "Private Property Keep Off"; the Coralville Dam can be seen behind on the left hand side. The water…

The excursion boat Coralville Queen sits stuck on the bridge over the dam after slipping its mooring during a 1960s flood (Walch, p. 23).

The churning waters of the Iowa River has overtaken the bridge above the dam and heads towards Iowa City (Walch, p. 23).
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