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The brick mills of Coralville line the Iowa River. As written on page 14 of Lest We Forget:

'Left to right: The woolen mill erected in 1866 was later converted to an oatmeal factory called Pearl Mill, wall of the old paper mill in center with…

About twenty men work repair construction on the wooden dam. Whether these repairs were needed due to the result of age, use, or ice damage is unknown.

Behind the workers along the bank of the river are the Coralville mills. Starting from the left…

A formal portrait of Minna (Zeisler) Miller. Her photograph sits in an oval-shaped matting.

Minna (Zeisler) Miller, a native from Germany who immigrated to the United States in the early 1860s to join a sister who lived in Iowa City, Iowa. She…

A houseboat that belonged to John Davis. Son Otis is sitting next to it on a ridge of land; a wooden plank to the left of him serves as a plank to get on and off the deck of the houseboat. Behind the houseboat, both the Coralville Dam and the flour…
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