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Librarian Kayla Cook organizes the Coralville Public Library Seed Library. Kayla planned, created, and maintains the Seed Library, which began in early 2022. The seeds are stored in a repurposed card catalog cabinet.

Five graphics created to advertise the new seed library. The seed library is conceived of and run by Kayla Cook to share and redistribute seeds from the community.

Josephine (Augustine) Kubicek and an older woman sit outside in wooden chairs. The older woman has a bowl of produce in her lap, such as beans or peas. Both women hold their hands over the bowl, working with the produce. A leaf covered tree is…

Four baskets filled to the brim with corn, apples, beans, and other produce sit outside the Kriz family home. Flowers bloom alongside the side of the house.

Home-grown produce like this was often sold at farmers' markets and local grocery stores.…
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