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Girl Scouts from Troop #2039 sit in a truck bed under a red schoolhouse roof. They are wearing bonnets to fit with the parade's theme of "Good Old Fashion School Days."

A local Girl Scout Troop # 157 posing during a ceremony. The Girl Scouts were organized in the Spring of 1944 and a Brownie Troop started in the fall of 1947. The organization remains active today.

Two unidentified girls smile for a photograph while dressed in Girl Scouts uniforms. The white five on the patch on the upper sleeve of the uniform suggests these girls were a part of Girl Scouts Troop #55, which was the troop that started raising…

The eleven girls and troop leader who made up the first Girl Scouts troop in Coralville pose for a photograph. All wear the official Girl Scouts uniform, and four wear hats. The Girl Scouts troop leader, Irene (Vogel) Bowers, is standing in the…

Members of Troop #29, Coralville's Girl Scouts troop, gather for a picture at a birthday party. While some wear their official uniforms, other girls wear dresses and skirts. One girl in the front row, Judy Goodfellow, holds a birthday cake. A house…

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A periodical clipping of a photograph and description. Three Girl Scouts members stand behind a table that holds bake sale items and other miscellaneous goods, all holding items; the troop leader, too, holds up a Christmas wreath. A young man stands…
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