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Bartlett Family children putting through the Putt Fore the Library Hole sponsored by Build to Suit in 2015.

First picture-Sam Bartlett, Second picture- Grace Bartlett, Third picture- Ben Bartlett

Three of the daughters of Edward and Elizabeth (Lucas) Demory and their families stand for a picture outside in the snow during holiday celebrations. All wear coats and other winter gear.

Left to right: Edith Evans, Ella (Alwine) [William]…

P4L_2013 (96).JPG
A girl putting at the first hole at the Putt Fore the Library fundraiser. This is the hole sponsored by Hills Bank and Trust, a longtime supporter and partner to the Coralville Public Library. Golfers could win cash while putting through this hole.

A formal portrait of the John McGinnis family. All dressed in dark dresses and suits, the parents sit while surrounded by their standing children. The youngest child, John Ralph, sits on the armrest of his father's chair. A painted background is set…

The student photographs of the graduating class of University High School in 1923. The name of the photographer, Newberg-Breece, sits at the lower right hand corner.

The transcription of the hand-written list on the back of the matting of the…

Sharon Falduto.pdf
A mother, Sharon Falduto reflects on the the ordinary and extraordinary experiences of her family during the spring of the Covid-19 pandemic in a diary entry.

The Falduto girls on the their back porch in April 2020.
Pictured: Piper, in a t-shirt promoting a play; Samantha, in a t-shirt from a Camila Cabello concert that was held in a football stadium, and Rachel, who likes that shirt.

Iowa City West junior Shreya Khullar was inaugurated today as Iowa’s first Student Poet Ambassador.
The Iowa Student Poet Ambassador role was conceived by Jan Warren from the Belin-Blank Center and Iowa City UNESCO City of Literature administrators…

82.102.4 - jpeg.jpg
Joseph Kimbal Hemphill's family as they celebrate Independence Day in front of their home at 1011 Eight Street. This is one of the earliest photographs of Coralville taken on the Fourth of July (Walch, p. 116).

Front row, left to right: Nathaniel…

The students of Coralville School, from primary grades to eighth. The teacher, Alma Raymond, stands in the third row.

First row (sitting), left to right: Helen Osborn, Frederick Kriz, Frederick Dever, Max Deck, Dorothy Alwine, & Gale…

The students of Coralville School, from primary grades to eighth. The teachers, Russell Bontrager and Marie Leeney, stand in the fifth row.

First row, left to right: Tommy Davis, George White, Leo White, Donald Bender, Erwin Brandstatter, George…

An image taken inside the Coralville School while class is in session. Students of all ages sit at their desks reading and doing other schoolwork. Blackboards line the back wall.

A bench can be seen on the left hand side of the photograph, closer…

The students of Coralville School, from primary grades to eighth. The teacher Marie Leeney stands in the second row, while teacher Emery Rhodes stands in the fifth row. The words "Coralville School - 1934" are on the left bottom of the…

The students of Coralville School, from primary grades to eighth. The teacher Dora Keppler stands in the third row. They all wear coats and other winter gear. The word "Coralville" is written on the brick wall behind them.

First row, left to…

CPL 12.jpg
A periodical clipping of a photograph and description. Three Girl Scouts members stand behind a table that holds bake sale items and other miscellaneous goods, all holding items; the troop leader, too, holds up a Christmas wreath. A young man stands…

Ezekiel Clark, Jr. sits for a portrait with his young daughter, Lillian.

Ezekiel Clark, Jr. was born on August 20, 1869* to John Henry and Mary (McCullough) Clark in Clarksville, Iowa. He married Emma Borts on September 12, 1888. Ezekiel served…

A family portrait of Frank Alwine, his wife Cora, and three of their four children.

Front row, left to right: Frank Alwine, Dorothy (Alwine) [Benjamin] Schneider, and Cora (Demory) Alwine.

Back row, left to right: Ella (Alwine) [William]…

Genevieve (Nagle) Brandstatter sits behind a wooden chair, holding daughter June (b. 1921). On the chair, her son Erwin (b. 1919) and oldest daughter Ruth (b. 1916) sit side by side. All three children gaze left, while Genevieve stares directly into…

A photograph of the Bowers family, taken on the front porch of the William Bowers home.

Back row, left to right: Emma (Bowers) Cropley, Miriam (Reeves) Bowers, Samantha Ann (Poland) Bowers, Joseph W., William H. Bowers, Benjamin W. Bowers, Ethel…

Family members of the Carlton-Huffman family sit and stand around a family vehicle. Brother and sister Albert and Alice sit on the side of the car next to their Grandpa Conrad and half cousin Madeline; Madeline's brother Carl balances on the back…
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