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Brothers Robert and Donald Bender pose in formal suits in front of their home. Near the bottom of the photograph, the words "Bob + Don" are written in cursive.

Robert and Donald are the two sons of Leonard O. and Nadine (Kronmiller) Bender. Their…

The family home of Frank and Cora (Demory) Alwine. The two-storied house was north of Coralville when purchased, but is now addressed 704 First Avenue.

The house came with five acres of land, which the Alwines used to grow vegetables, berries, and…

In March of 1893, the home of Ezekiel Clark, Sr. and the Samuel Kirkwoods' caught on fire, destroying the building completely. The house was on what is now First Avenue, overlooking the Iowa River (Lovetinsky et al., p. 95).

The image shows a…

Joseph and Genevieve (Nagle) Brandstatter stand in the driveway by their home. They both wear long coats and hats.

The couple was married in 1915 and became Coralville residents in 1929. They were active participants in the community and had four…

A barefoot child in a lace lined dress stands behind a house, both hands on the tongue of a toy wagon. Based on the other photographs this image was donated with, it is possible this is a young Kriz child, potentially Helen, the daughter of Fred and…

The family home of Fred and Mary (Chambers) Kriz. The two storied house stood at 232 First Avenue. A figure can be seen sitting on the front steps of the house.

Fred and Mary raised three children in this house: Helen Catherine, Frederick John,…

Two fire engines park on a street in front of a two-storied house. A ladder is leaned against the side of the house, over a smoking window on the second story.

Fire hoses are stretched out in the street, laying in puddles of water. These hoses…

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Joseph Kimbal Hemphill's family as they celebrate Independence Day in front of their home at 1011 Eight Street. This is one of the earliest photographs of Coralville taken on the Fourth of July (Walch, p. 116).

Front row, left to right: Nathaniel…
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