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E. Jean Schwab, the Coralville Public Library's first Director, and Ginny Wenman, library volunteer, hold a poster that shows the library's early growth.

Librarian Kayla Cook organizes the Coralville Public Library Seed Library. Kayla planned, created, and maintains the Seed Library, which began in early 2022. The seeds are stored in a repurposed card catalog cabinet.

A commemorative booklet celebrating Coralville Public Library's 25th year of service in 1990. The booklet contains statistics about the library, its staff, and its history.

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Bark Jenn librarian dressed up for a Halloween program at the Coralville Public Library.

Teri Rogers and Coralville Public Library Director participated in a Chili Cook off.

Ruth Halterman stands behind a table to sign up patrons for Winter Adult Reading Month ( W.A.R.M.) for the Coralville Public Library. The reading program is an annual event held in the month of February. On display are the reading logs, prizes and…

Librarians push decorated book carts along the Fourth Fest Parade route.

Ruth Halterman, dressed for Halloween as a clown, stands behind the circulation desk.

Ruth Halterman, Judith Antill, Linda Parker, and Teri Rogers pose with a child. Linda, Judith, and Ruth are dressed in Renaissance costumes.

Ruth Halterman paints a white star onto a window for the library's summer reading program.

Ruth Halterman, Teri Rogers, Linda Parker, Shelly Grace, Heidi Lauritzen, Jay Van Dyke, Ann Breese, and [unknown] pose in front of the Coralville Public Library.

Heidi Lauritzen, Dot Kohler, Teri Rogers, Karen Hegland, and Ruth Halterman pose in front of bowling lanes. Ruth is holding a sign with the bowling team's name, Bookends.

Teri Rogers, Linda Parker, Rita, Steve, Ann Breese, and Ruth Halterman pose with a sign for the library's bowling team name, Cvl Library Bookends.

pictured from left to right: Karen Hegland, Mike Jorgensen, Linda Parker, Janelle Bockhause, Teri, Ruth Halterman, unknown, unknown and Georgia Heald

Coralville Public Library librarians participating in the Fourth Fest Parade.
pictured left to right: Alison Galstad, Karen Hegland, Ruth Halterman and Linda Parker

Ellen Alexander, Assistant Director of Coralville Public Library received her first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. The clinic took place in the lower level of the library on April 8th and 9th. Ellen was one of more than 600 people who received their…

Coralville Public Library Children's Librarians try out their snowman decorating kits. The kits are provided to accompany a program called " ABC- A Book and a Craft" the last week in January. The kits were distributed through curbside pick up due…

fountain with quarantine tables.jpg
A view of the rotunda fountain. On the far stand several tables set up as a place to quarantine returned library materials. After being returned, these materials sit out for 72 hours before being cleaned and checked back in. A library staff member…

CPL closing.jpg
A view of the Coralville Public Library from the Circulation Desk in the rotunda, past the Reference Services area to the fireplace at the end of the corridor.

The following statement is from Laura Crossett, the creator of this image and the…

Library staff members Eric Mott, Karen Stierler, and Lily Smith-Jensen work at the Circulation Desk. All three have a phone to their ear and appear to be in conversation. Karen looks at a DVD, possibly calling a patron who had that item on hold,…
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