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Rodney Bidlack was elected as the Mayor of Coralville for the 1958-1959 term. He resigned in August of 1958. Bidlack was employed as a Medical Technician in the Army Research Laboratory at University Hospitals and as the Manager of the Coralville…

Harold Lee Breece served Coralville as a Town Councilman for six years, starting in 1937. When Mayor Maurice Dever died in office of February 1943, Breece was appointed to finish the term. He was elected for a second term, but resigned in November of…

Edward Koser was elected as the eleventh Mayor of Coralville in 1902. He remained in office for thirty-three years, until his death in 1935. He opened Koser's Grocery Store in 1914.

Koser's time in office was marked by change, including the…

James Paintin, Sr. first came to Coralville in 1882. After serving as a Town Councilman from 1890-1891 and 1895-1896, Paintin was elected as the tenth Mayor of Coralville in 1897. He stayed in office until 1901, for a total of five terms. He served…

Ezekiel Clark, Jr. served as the seventh Mayor of Coralville in 1894. He was also a Town Councilman for three terms in 1889, 1890, and 1892 (Lovetinsky et al., p. 76, 83).

Charles A. Koser was the sixth elected Mayor of Coralville, serving in 1893. He also acted as the City Recorder from 1891-1892, and was a Town Councilman in 1898-1899 and 1901-1902 (Lovetinsky et al., p. 76, 83).

C.F. (Fred) Robinson served Coralville as a Town Marshal and as a Town Councilman. When Mayor Edward Koser died in office in 1935, Robinson was appointed the twelfth Mayor of Coralville. While he was elected as mayor for the 1936 term, he resigned on…

A formal portrait of Fred James Kriz and Mary (Chambers) Kriz.

Fred was born on February 19, 1881 in Iowa City to James and Catherine (Tempa) Kriz. Mary was born August 7, 1881 to John and Ellen (Brady) Chambers. She lived at Camp Cardinal Road…

A family portrait of James Wesley Fackler, his wife Sarah Jane (Clark) Fackler, and their seven adult children. An eighth child, a daughter named Hattie, died in childhood.

James Wesley Fackler was born on March 18, 1843 in Pennsylvania. Sarah…

A family portrait of Joseph Kimbal Hemphill, his wife Mary Ellen, and their seven children.

Front row, left to right: Effie (Hemphill) Scales, Arch Hemphill, Mary Ellen (Ward) Hemphill, Joseph Kimbal Hemphill, and Lucy (Hemphill) Dean.


A matted portrait of Mary Ellen (Ward) Hemphill.

Mary Ellen Ward was born April 7, 1837 and grew up in Johnson County, Iowa. In 1845, her father Chauncey Ward took in a sick pioneer by the name of Joseph Kimbal Hemphill to convalesce. Eight years…

A matted portrait of Joseph Kimbal Hemphill. The writing on the bottom right hand corner reads "Townsend 22 Clinton Street, Iowa City, IA," indicating the photo was taken by Timothy (Theo) Wesley Townsend, a photographer who owned a studio in Iowa…

A formal photograph of Coralville residents Joseph & Genevieve (Nagle) Brandstatter.

Joseph "Brandy" Brandstatter managed rural circulation for Davenport Newspapers, Inc. He also served as town marshal from 1937-1951, while Genevieve served as…

The student photographs of the graduating class of University High School in 1923. The name of the photographer, Newberg-Breece, sits at the lower right hand corner.

The transcription of the hand-written list on the back of the matting of the…
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