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Faculty and staff of ICCSD sit together on a float with the theme "Red White & Blue: Building A Bright Future For You!"

Adrian Dale, who was voting for the first time, two weeks after his 18th birthday. It was during the pandemic so masks were required. Lucas Elementary School, Iowa City.

A homemade sign protesting the Governor Kim Reynolds order that schools open despite the pandemic. Sign reads "Save our kids! Local control fro schools. Sign the Facebook petition"

Yard signs on Holiday Road in Coralville, Iowa. First sign reads " Black Lives Matter, We Stand Together, We are City High Little Hawks, The school that leads" The second sign reads " City High School, We love our Teachers" The third sign reads "…

An athletic award letter, as given by the Coralville Junior High School in the early 1960s. The letter was blue with a white border and given to students in the seventh, eighth, and ninth grades for band, basketball, and football (Brandstatter).

Second grade teacher Mary Dunn stands in front of the Coralville Elementary School Building. She is bundled up in a coat, gloves, winter boots, and head scarf as the wind blows snow around her. While the sidewalk leading to the brick building's front…

Twenty-three elementary students pose for a class photograph outside the Coralville Elementary School. All the children wear winter gear, such as coats and hats.

In 1951 the Coralville Parks and Recreation Commission took over operation of the old school house and turned it into a teen center. In this phot girls congregate on the front steps of the old school.

An unknown man in front of the old Coralville school house that was turned into a teen center in 1951. The old school was used for formal classes, informal community gatherings and is now maintained by the Johnson County Historical Society.

A group of second graders and their teacher Mary Dunn stand for a class photograph in front of Coralville Central School (Walch, p. 77).

A photograph from the front of a classroom, as if from a teacher's perspective. Two rows of desks filled with students line either side of the photograph; boys and girls look down at the open books on their desks. Behind the students is the classroom…

A photograph of the front of the 1876 schoolhouse. Men and women gather on the front steps and along the sidewalk. Two guards stand in front, guns in their hands.

In July of 1983, the city of Coralville rededicated the 1876 schoolhouse as a museum…

Richard Hughes rings the bell on the front steps of the 1876 Coralville schoolhouse as a part of a ceremony that rededicated the building as a museum of the Johnson County Historical Society. A man holds the school door open behind Hughes, while…

The front of the old Coralville school on 5th street. became a teen center in the 1950s

The students of Coralville School, from primary grades to eighth. The teacher Dora Keppler stands in the third row. They all wear coats and other winter gear. The word "Coralville" is written on the brick wall behind them.

First row, left to…

The students of Coralville School, from primary grades to eighth. The teacher Marie Leeney stands in the second row, while teacher Emery Rhodes stands in the fifth row. The words "Coralville School - 1934" are on the left bottom of the…

An image taken inside the Coralville School while class is in session. Students of all ages sit at their desks reading and doing other schoolwork. Blackboards line the back wall.

A bench can be seen on the left hand side of the photograph, closer…

The students of Coralville School, from primary grades to eighth. The teachers, Russell Bontrager and Marie Leeney, stand in the fifth row.

First row, left to right: Tommy Davis, George White, Leo White, Donald Bender, Erwin Brandstatter, George…

The students of Coralville School, from primary grades to eighth. The teacher, Alma Raymond, stands in the third row.

First row (sitting), left to right: Helen Osborn, Frederick Kriz, Frederick Dever, Max Deck, Dorothy Alwine, & Gale…

The student photographs of the graduating class of University High School in 1923. The name of the photographer, Newberg-Breece, sits at the lower right hand corner.

The transcription of the hand-written list on the back of the matting of the…
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