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An athletic award letter, as given by the Coralville Junior High School in the early 1960s. The letter was blue with a white border and given to students in the seventh, eighth, and ninth grades for band, basketball, and football (Brandstatter).

Taken from behind the batter, this image shows a boy preparing his bat to swing. Another boy can be seen on at the pitcher's spot, arm in the air but hand empty. The ball floats midair between the two players. Further back, more boys can be seen in…

Ethel Jaynes, a Coralville student, stands facing away from the camera at the baseball game in front of her. Her left hand fitted into a glove and her right hand pushing back her hair, she waits for the ball to be hit where she stands in the center…

The junior high boy's basketball ball team line up for a photograph in their team uniforms. The boys in the front row kneel, basketballs under their hands, while the back row stands.

Front row, left to right: Ron Horrell (#5), Jim Cannon, Jr.…

Baseball players pause for a photograph during their informal baseball game: Frederick J. Kriz (left) has both hands on his bat, while the boy in the center wears a baseball mitt and lets his bat rest against his shoulder. The boy on the right holds…
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