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The family home of Valentine and Minna (Zeisler) Miller. Located at 205 Fifth Street, this house was built during the early 1870s, after the family moved back to Coralville after living in Marshalltown.

Valentine and Minna raised seven children…

The family home of Fred and Mary (Chambers) Kriz. The two storied house stood at 232 First Avenue. A figure can be seen sitting on the front steps of the house.

Fred and Mary raised three children in this house: Helen Catherine, Frederick John,…

In March of 1893, the home of Ezekiel Clark, Sr. and the Samuel Kirkwoods' caught on fire, destroying the building completely. The house was on what is now First Avenue, overlooking the Iowa River (Lovetinsky et al., p. 95).

The image shows a…

The family home of Frank and Cora (Demory) Alwine. The two-storied house was north of Coralville when purchased, but is now addressed 704 First Avenue.

The house came with five acres of land, which the Alwines used to grow vegetables, berries, and…

The family home of Joseph A. and Genevieve (Nagle) Brandstatter at 509 Sixth Avenue.

Joseph and Genevieve purchased three lots from Bert Manville in the area that would become Coralville Heights. The construction of the house was completed on July…

Five young cousins of the Carlton-Huffman family pose together around a tree stump. They appear to be behind a house, likely the family one on First Avenue and Seventh Street. The girls all wear white, sleeved dresses, while Carl wears a white shirt…

The John Davis family home, as pictured from the back. The basement, which held the kitchen, faced the Iowa River.

John Davis was born on September 25, 1834 in Franklin County, Massachusetts. On December 25, 1856, he married a woman named Martha…

The family home of Arch and Nelle (Paintin) Hemphill, located at 203 Fifth Street. Arch and Nelle raised two children in this house: Robert Kimbal and Mary Elizabeth, who died at the age of twelve.

Arch W. Hemphill was born to Joseph Kimbal and…

The family home of Alexander and Caroline (Gould) Hart Koser. Located at the corner of Sixth Street and First Avenue, this house was built after 1872, when Alexander purchased 470 acres of land from John. H. Clark.

In this photograph, three…

The family home of Edward Koser and Harriet (Paintin) Koser, located at 202 5th Street. The couple raised their four children here: Clifford, Vera, Helen, and Morton. They also owned a dog named Bosco (Lovetinsky et al., p. 110-111).

The family home of Charles E. and Nancy (Wilton) Robinson, located on 211 Fifth Street. Here, the couple raised four children: Frances "Frankie", Louis, Glenn, and C. Fred Robinson, who went on to become the mayor of Coralville in 1935 (Lovetinsky et…

The family home of James Sr. and Mary (Dowman) Paintin, located at 206 Fifth Street. The couple raised their nine children here: John, James, Nelle Ellen, Lillian, Ada, Robert, Clara Kate, Fred E. and Paul Perry (Lovetinsky et al., p. 119-121).
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