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A group of people dance on a float in the Fourth of July Parade. The float is advertising the Ocean Wave Square Dance Club.

A parade float rendition of Apollo 11 commemorating the moon landing of July 20, 1969, representing the 10th Street Good Guys. In one picture, two people hold a banner that reads, "ONE SMALL STEP FOR 10th ST."

A group of children sit inside a 'cage' for a parade float with the theme 13th St. Kids in Captivity.

Employees of Wehrle Construction drive a 1926 Ford Model T in the parade.

Ellen and Ernie Found drive a 1948 fire engine in the Fourth of July parade.

P4L_2013 (84).JPG
Two boys putting through the King's Materials hole at the 2013 Putt Fore the Library fundraising event. Local businesses sponsored and decorated the holes for the event.

Miria - teen award.jpg
Congratulations Miria! Miria Burns is the winner of the 2020 Teen Service Award. Friends of the Coralville Public Library board members, Bill and Pat Benson and Coralville Public Library Teen Librarian Karen Stierler presented Miria with her check in…

A man gets doused with water in a Royal Flush Tank at 4thFest.

A group of children participate in a water balloon toss at 4thFest. Several water balloons are midair in the picture.

A child holding a balloon and flag watches the parade go by.

A child wearing a cowboy hat rides a horse with a group of other riders in the 1987 Fourth of July parade.

A crowd of Coralville residents watches the dedication ceremony for the Johnson County Heritage Museum as part of the city's first Fourth of July celebration.

A large group of people sits on the side of the road to watch an emergency vehicle in the Fourth of July parade.

A woman and three girls sit on the curb watching the Fourth of July parade.

People sit on the curb watching the Fourth of July parade.

A man wearing the body of a purple mascot costume stands on a float in the Fourth of July parade.

A man runs in front of a city fire engine, which is parked in front of the burning, partially collapsed Econogas Service building.

The Falduto girls on the their back porch in April 2020.
Pictured: Piper, in a t-shirt promoting a play; Samantha, in a t-shirt from a Camila Cabello concert that was held in a football stadium, and Rachel, who likes that shirt.

LIB_ 022.jpg
A closeup image of the first of 14 signs for a StoryWalk of Wait by Antoinette Portis. The signs are lining the left side of paved path.

A toddler naps in a wagon that has been decorated with red, white, and blue balloons and American flag patterned trim.
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