Bill Dinsmore, Charles Dinsmore, Gordon Dinsmore & Bertha (Ibs) Dinsmore Greer, 1940s


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Gordon Dinsmore, his sons Charles and Bill, and his mother Bertha (Ibs) Dinsmore Greer pose for a photograph outside. Gordon and eldest son Charles both wear Navy uniforms (Gordon in white, Charles in blue). Bill stands in front of his father, wearing a neckerchief.

Gordon James Dinsmore was born in Sioux City, Iowa to Charles and Bertha (Ibs) Dinsmore on July 4, 1898*. Shortly after his birth, Charles died in a train crash. Bertha married for a second time to Clarence Greer. The family moved to Coralville in 1921 and operated a dairy on a farm owned by Art Jones (Lovetinsky et al., p. 99; Ancestry Library).

Gordon married Ethel Douglass, born on January 20, 1899 to James and Emma Elizabeth Douglass, on August 12, 1924. The couple had two children: Charles (b. 1926) and William, who was known as Bill (Ancestry Library; Coralville Courier, 1974).

Front row: William Lee "Bill" Dinsmore

Back row, left to right: Charles Dinsmore, Gordon Dinsmore, and Bertha (Ibs) Dinsmore Greer (Lovetinsky et al., p. 99).

*Lest We Forget lists Gordon's birth year as 1899.


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Johnson County, Iowa


“Bill Dinsmore, Charles Dinsmore, Gordon Dinsmore & Bertha (Ibs) Dinsmore Greer, 1940s,” Coralville Digital History Library, accessed June 20, 2024,

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