Frances (Koser) Kershner, 1900s-1920s

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A formal photograph of Frances (Koser) Kershner. She wears a belted, white dress with long leather gloves. A hat, decorated with a large rose and feather, is perched on her head. She holds an umbrella or parasol under her elbow, grabbing the top of it behind her back with her other hand.

Frances Koser was born on May 21, 1887 to Charles and Mary L. (Anciaux) Koser in Coralville, Iowa. She was their youngest daughter and had five siblings.

On February 19, 1926, she married Charles H. Kershner, Jr. She was his second bride. Charles was born in 1879 in Sullivan, Illinois. He married Delight Franklin in 1901, and they lived in West Liberty, Iowa with their daughter E. Vivian (b. 1902) until Delight's death in 1922. Afterward, Charles and E. Vivian moved to Iowa City, where Charles believed he would have more work opportunities as a paper hanger and painter. He met Frances after the move.

The family lived in Coralville, Iowa. Frances gave birth to a stillborn son on March 24, 1929.

Frances worked as a glovemaker at the Rate Glove Factory in Iowa City, Iowa. She was very involved with the community as a member of the Ladies Auxiliary of Patriarchs Militant, the Caroline Lodge, and Women of the Moose (Iowa City Press-Citizen, 1970).

Charles passed away in 1933 and Frances followed him in death 37 years later in May of 1970. The couple was buried with their infant son (Lovetinsky et al., p.108, 112).


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Late 1900s to 1920s


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“Frances (Koser) Kershner, 1900s-1920s,” Coralville Digital History Library, accessed May 28, 2023,

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