Written Submission: Mother's day during the pandemic, May 10, 2020

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A detailed description of how one Coralville local spent her day on Mother's Day, 2020.


Sara Pitcher


Coralville Public Library. Coralville Digital History Library.


May 10, 2020



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Coralville, Iowa

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Mother's Day During the Pandemic 5/10/2020

A surprisingly busy day. I had multiple appointments in one day, which is unusual since the pandemic began. Started the day by heading over to my parent's house for church. They are the only people I regularly visit, other than work. My father learned to screen cast St. Thomas More's pre-recorded weekend service, from YouTube, onto our TV. Usually we have breakfast afterwards, but right before pressing play my father got a phone call from his friend in Chicago. His wife had died from a pre-existing condition on Saturday. The hospital she had been admitted to on Monday didn't allow visitors due to COVID-19. He was unable to visit her before she died. While my father talked, we decided to change things up and have breakfast before church instead of after.

When I got home I took a nap. My sleep schedule has been way off since I no longer have anything to get up for most days of the week. I got up in time to head over to the New Pi Co-op to pick up the plant starters I had ordered. I had signed up to pick the plants up from a tent outside at 2:30 pm. When I arrived there was no tent in sight. Probably packed up early due to the short hail shower. I put on my face mask and headed into the store. There were four other shoppers and two employees on the floor. Everyone in face masks. Plexi glass had been installed between the cashier and customers at the check out lane with a small window for the credit card machine. I asked three times about the plants. It was difficult to understand me through the mask. Once they did understand, we went though it again when they asked for my name. I ended up pulling out my drivers license to show them. Plants in hand I headed strait home to complete my work week. I still had an hour of scheduled 'from home' work to do.

That evening I logged onto Zoom for a family night for Mother's Day. My sister and her family logged in from DesMoines, my elder brother and his wife from Shueyville, my younger brother from Iowa City, and the two Coralville households (Holiday and Lynncrest) were present. Greetings included exclamations over how long everyone's hair had gotten without regular trips to the barber. We played Drawful2 on jackbox.tv and Longwave (online adaptation of the Wavelength board game). Both were party games that worked well over Zoom. Each household was logged into Zoom on their computers and then individuals were logged into the games on their mobile devices. I usually don't like party games but it was really fun. We played for three hours. A different Mother's Day, but a nice one in the end.

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