A family outing during the pandemic

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Sara Pitcher describes meeting her family outdoors to go for a hike at Wildcat Den State Park. Following the outing they visit a brewery that does not accept cash due to heightened concern about hygiene during the pandemic.


Sara Pitcher


Coralville Public Library. Coralville Digital History Library.


May 23, 2020



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Coralville, Iowa

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My sister's family has been making the rounds of the state parks this summer (2020). On May 23, they stopped by to visit the kids grandparents on their way to Wildcat Den State Park. They invited the Coralville residents of the family to join them for a hike and picnic. It was my first time out of Coralville since the pandemic started. Since I wasn't driving, and didn't want to keep track of a purse, I left my wallet at home. Just in case I stuck a $20 bill in my back pocket. After the hike my brother-in-law invited us to head over to his Friends brewery. It's grand opening was delayed due to the pandemic and they were just able to open their patio seating the week before. Unfortunately when I went to pay I discovered they weren't accepting cash. Turns out cash is not king during a pandemic.


Sara Pitcher, “A family outing during the pandemic,” Coralville Digital History Library, accessed July 2, 2022, https://coralvilledigitalhistory.omeka.net/items/show/349.

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