The James Wesley Fackler family, 1900s


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A family portrait of James Wesley Fackler, his wife Sarah Jane (Clark) Fackler, and their seven adult children. An eighth child, a daughter named Hattie, died in childhood.

James Wesley Fackler was born on March 18, 1843 in Pennsylvania. Sarah Jane (Clark) Fackler was born on April 11, 1849. The couple married on April 10, 1867. They had eight children: Robert (b. 1868), Hattie, Emma, James (b.1883), Elias Bruce (b. 1896), Grace Elvira (b. 1879), Edith (b. 1885), and John (b. 1871).

In 1894, the family moved from Hastings, Nebraska to Coralville, eventually building a home in University Heights. Sarah Jane died on August 12, 1908; her husband James followed her into death four years late on June 21, 1912 (Ancestry Library; Lovetinsky et al. p. 99).

Back row, left to right: Robert Fackler, Emma (Fackler) Pell, James Fackler, Bruce Fackler, John Fackler, & Grace (Fackler) Fairchild.

Front row, left to right: Sarah Jane (Clark) Fackler, Edith (Fackler) Neeley, & James Wesley Fackler (Lovetinsky et al, p. 99-100).


Coralville Public Library. Coralville Digital History Library.


Early to mid 1900s


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Johnson County, Iowa


“The James Wesley Fackler family, 1900s,” Coralville Digital History Library, accessed July 22, 2024,

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