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A group of children dressed as firefighters walk in the Fourth of July parae. Two of them are driving a toy fire engine.

People dressed in historic costumes sit at desks on a parade float that's made to look like an old classroom

A group of women in historical costumes representing the Daughters of the American Revolution sit on a parade float, which is decorated with a banner that reads, "Hearts and Hands Across the Lands."

A group of women and children dressed in historical costumes on a Daughters of the American Revolution Pilgrim Chapter parade float with the theme Remember Old Glory.

Two adults and a child dressed as an old-time farmer family sit among antique farm and homesteading equipment

Women dressed in historical costumes walk in the Fourth of July parade to represent the Iowa Association of the Blind.

Ruth Halterman, Judith Antill, Linda Parker, and Teri Rogers pose with a child. Linda, Judith, and Ruth are dressed in Renaissance costumes.

Margaret Morgan (left) and Annie Glenn (right), wife of then-senator John Glenn, shake hands in front of the newly dedicated Johnson County Heritage Museum. Mayor Kattchee stands behind them.

Former mayor Mike Kattchee and his wife Dolores take part in Coralville's 125th anniversary celebrations. They are dressed in historical costumes.

A member of Moose Lodge 1096, sitting on a parade float, smiles at the camera while waving an American flag.

A Fourth of July parade float with group wearing historical costumes and sitting around a table.

Laverne Barnes, dressed as Raggedy Ann, rides with Bud Louis on a 1923 American LaFrance Pumper firetruck in the Fourth of July parade.

Ricky Wells rides in a small toy fire engine in the Fourth of July parade. Other children, waving American flags, walk behind him.

Ruth Halterman, dressed for Halloween as a clown, stands behind the circulation desk.

A person wears a Santa beard in the spirit of the parade theme It's a 4th of July Winter Wonderland.

People dressed in reindeer antlers, along with one person wearing the top half of a Santa Claus costume, ride a parade float for The Advertiser.
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