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Face Mask 11.13.2020.pdf


WHEREAS, on March 17, 2020, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds issued a Proclamation of Public Health Disaster Emergency and the Iowa Department of Public Health determined that community spread was…

Mask Proclamation11.13.2020.pdf
A proclamation by Coralville Mayer John Lundell, regarding face masks, following an increase in COVID-19 cases in Coralville and the surrounding community.

text reads:
CORALVILLE—Coralville Mayor John A. Lundell today issued a proclamation…

A political sign on Brown Street in Iowa City. The sign reads "Pro America, Anti Trump"

A picture of a pineapple whip ice cream cone, taken in the West Music parking lot in Coralville, Iowa. The City of Coralville promoted the importance of filling out the 2020 Census and provided iPads to people to help them fill it out online. After…

A black and yellow yard sign in support of Black Lives Matter movement. Found on Brown Street in Iowa City Iowa. Sign Reads "Black lives matter" with words "Trans, Women, Men, Bois, Working Class, Poor, Immigrant, Disabled, Queer" written inside the…

A homemade yard sign supporting the Black Lives Matter movement. The sign was on Whiting Ave in Iowa City. The sign reads "BLM".

A homemade sign protesting the Governor Kim Reynolds order that schools open despite the pandemic. Sign reads "Save our kids! Local control fro schools. Sign the Facebook petition"

Building of new play structures and equipment for Kiddie Korral Park in Coralville, Iowa

PAR005 (1).jpg
Assembling the new play equipment to be installed in Kiddie Korral Park 8th St. and 12th Ave. Coralville

Wagons with balls, sports equipment and sanitizing supplies

Derecho storm debris piled up after removal from Coralville streets. Iowa DOT estimated 2,500 tons of debris or 5 million pounds.

Roundabout central island on the Iowa River Landing on 9th St in Coralville, Iowa. Traffic control for the new Xtream Ice Arena.

The beginning stages of roundabout on the Iowa River Landing in Coralville, Iowa.

People wait in line to order Pineapple whip ice cream from an ice cream truck on Corridor Way in Coralville, Iowa.

Button found pinned to the fence on 12th Ave in Coralville, that goes over I-80. The photo is of Breonna Taylor, someone killed unjustly in Louisville, KY and a touch stone to the racial justice movement.

Tree damage in Cedar Rapids, Iowa from the Derecho storm.

Storm debris from the Derecho storm and a handmade sign advertising "OAK firewood FREE".

ENG006 (1).jpg
Construction progress on roundabout on 9th Street and Second Ave on Iowa River Landing

A flagpole bent over during a strong wind storm called a Derecho on August 10, 2020. In the front yard of a house on Ozark Ridge in Coralville, IA.

A tree that fell on a minivan during the Derecho storm on Ozark Ridge in Coralville, Iowa.
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