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"Mr. James got a splendid negative for a photograph of the ruins of the Coralville mill, taken early next day after the disaster, and now has the pictures ready for delivery.

The view is directly from…

About twenty men stand in and around the ruins of the Close Paper Mill. A lone smokestack stands tall in the center of the photograph; collapsed stone, wooden planks, and destroyed boilers lay in piles around its base. Coral Mills can be seen…

Two volunteer firefighters, marked in pen as 'Dick Clinite (retired)' and 'Bill Lee (moved)', observe as the Econogas fire overtakes a truck further away. Clinite stands behind a fire engine with an partially unraveled fire hose at his feet while…

A city fire engine from the Coralville Volunteer Fire Department sits parked outside the open fenced gate of the Econogas Company. Inside the fence, a large fire emits a black cloud of smoke into the sky.

The Econogas Company serviced surrounding…
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