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Veterans smile from their seats on a patriotically decorated parade float in the 1991 parade.

Cub Scouts from Troop #207 and veterans from the US Armed Forces stand together, holding military branch flags, on a parade float.

Ricky Wells drives a toy fire engine in the Fourth of July parade, July 4, 1995

A man raises the American flag in front of the newly dedicated Johnson County Heritage Museum. In the background, viewers hold their right hands over their hearts.

Two people dressed in winter coats pass out candy from a float adorned with flags, holiday decorations, and a snowmobile to follow the parade's theme - It's a 4th of July Winter Wonderland.

City workers sit around a table working. The central focus is on a woman looking down at papers in front of her; a person stands behind her chair to the left. A man to the right of her leans away to someone not pictured, clearly in conversation.…

Ricky Wells rides in a small toy fire engine in the Fourth of July parade. Other children, waving American flags, walk behind him.

People lining the side of the street sit in lawn chairs and on blankets to watch the Fourth of July parade.

A member of Moose Lodge 1096, sitting on a parade float, smiles at the camera while waving an American flag.

Mayor Kattchee waves an American flag out the window of a city truck.

Coralville Mayor Kattchee waves a hat in one hand and an American flag in the other from the back of a 1975 Buick.

Mayor Jim Fausett holds the reins of a team of horses during the annual 4thFest parade through Coralville. American flags and city residents line 8th Street for the celebration (Walch, p. 119).

4th of july cel..jpg
Joseph Kimbal Hemphill's family as they celebrate Independence Day in front of their home at 1011 Eight Street. This is one of the earliest photographs of Coralville taken on the Fourth of July (Walch, p. 116).

Front row, left to right: Nathaniel…

Johnson County Sheriff's Department Explorer Post 521 members carry a 20' x 30' American flag.

Cedar County farmer Bob Milder rides a 1943 Ll John Deere tractor in the Fourth of July parade.

CPL 3.jpg
Left to right, Library Director Jean Schwab, Pauline Lovetinsky, & Frances Rogers stand by the convertible they rode during the 1990 4thFest Parade in celebration of their accumulated 75 years of service to the Coralville community through library…

Two girls sit on the back of a car in the Fourth of July parade.

A large group of adults and children outfitted in Forever Green garden center t-shirts sit on concrete garden benches and planters. One man is in front of an open grill.

A woman holding a young child points at the passing Fourth of July parade.

A Krazy Klown from Iowa City's El Kahir Shrine rides a cart in the Fourth of July parade.
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