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Employees of Wehrle Construction drive a 1926 Ford Model T in the parade.

Julie's Golden Girls baton twirlers perform in the Fourth of July parade.

Hills Bank Fourth of July parade float with the theme, "We've Got It! You Catch It...Jungle Fever!"

Fourth of July parade marshalls Sheila Boyd and Dick Schwab.

Members of Cub Scout Pack #270 skate and walk in the Fourth of July parade.

Coralville Central Cub Scout Pack #207's parade float, which has the theme, "Catch The Spirit Of Scouting."

Girl Scouts from Troop #1296 pull a festive wagon in the Fourth of July parade.

A group of women and children dressed in historical costumes on a Daughters of the American Revolution Pilgrim Chapter parade float with the theme Remember Old Glory.

"Dr. Jones and Friend, July 4th, 2017."

Keith Jones dressed as Doc Brown from Back to the Future poses beside a DeLoreon. The float's theme is "Back to the Future - Drive-In."

Karen Hegland drives Ruth Halterman in the 2021 Fourth Fest Parade. They both retired after long careers at the Coralville Public Library. Ruth Halterman worked at the library for 30 years and Karen Hegland worked for 26 years.

Librarians push decorated book carts along the Fourth Fest Parade route.

Librarians Janelle Bockhause and Linda Parker prepare at the Fourth Fest Parade staging area.

Two librarians, Linda Parker (left) and Chris Burnett, dressed up to ride in the Coralville Public Library float for the 1998 Fourth of July Parade. Coralville was celebrating their quasquicentennial in 1998, so the side of the truck read "Happy…

pictured from left to right: Karen Hegland, Mike Jorgensen, Linda Parker, Janelle Bockhause, Teri, Ruth Halterman, unknown, unknown and Georgia Heald

Librarians sitting on the bed of a Coralville Parks Department truck that has been decorated for the Fourth Fest Parade. The decorations include a fake camp fire, tree and backpack.

pictured from left Teri Rogers, Jen (?), Linda Parker

Librarians and staff pose in front of their Fourth of July parade float, Reading Road Trip USA. The float was a Jeep with vacation items strapped to the top, including pool toys, suitcases, a trike, sports equipment and books.

pictured left:…

Discover New Trails was the Coralville Library float for Fourth Fest Parade. A Coralville Parks and Recreation truck was decorated for an outdoor adventure, including a backpack coolers, lawn chairs and a fake campfire.

pictured left: Teri Rogers…

Librarians and library staff walking the Fourth Fest Parade route ahead of the Jeep parade float.

Ruth Halterman visible at the front of the group

Coralville Public Library librarians participating in the Fourth Fest Parade.
pictured left to right: Alison Galstad, Karen Hegland, Ruth Halterman and Linda Parker

Irving Weber, Grand Marshal for the 1984 Fourth Fest parade, rides in the back of a Mercedes convertible. Irving Weber was a prominent figure in the Iowa City and Coralville community, who was most well known for his weekly articles published in Iowa…
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