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A group of musicians play in the Iowa City Community Band for the Fourth of July parade, with a focus on a trombonist.

A group of people dressed in aloha shirts sit atop a float decorated to look like a beach. The float's theme is Winter Wonderland in Hawaii.

A parade float for Cost Cutters decorated with red and white streamers and balloons.

A parade float decorated like a train going through snow in the Fourth of July parade. The float is representing the Country Kitchen restaurant.

A child sits atop a bike on a parade float with the theme Ride the Tide.

People dressed in reindeer antlers, along with one person wearing the top half of a Santa Claus costume, ride a parade float for The Advertiser.

A man rollerblades beside a parade float. He's wearing a shirt that says, "Ride the tide with Coralville pride," which matches the "Ride the Tide" theme of the float beside him.

Two people dressed in winter coats pass out candy from a float adorned with flags, holiday decorations, and a snowmobile to follow the parade's theme - It's a 4th of July Winter Wonderland.

Children dressed patriotically sit next to a giant can of Tecate beer on a parade float.

A promotional float for a World War II and Johnson County veterans commemoration scheduled for September 1994, in collaboration with the Senior Center and the North Liberty American Legion Post 1976.

A parade float for the Iowa Hair Cutting Co., which is decorated with hair product advertisements, a salon chair, a desk, and a services menu.

A group of patriotically dressed children sit on a parade float decorated with a small house and a flower box. The float is meant to represent 'the American dream.'

A person dressed as Uncle Sam rides in the bed of a Ford F-250, which has been decorated to celebrate the 25-year anniversary of Gringer Feed & Grain.

A group of model planes sitting on the Iowa City Aerohawks float in the Fourth of July parade. Per the parade's lineup announcement, there was a raffle for one of the planes.

Members of the Cosgrove Clatter Band play instruments while riding a float in the Fourth of July parade.

A line of parade floats driving up the street, with the crowd and a pair of clowns as a point of focus.

A "Back to School" themed parade float for the Coralville Hy-Vee.

A member of Moose Lodge 1096, sitting on a parade float, smiles at the camera while waving an American flag.

A parade float for The Advertiser. Its theme is "School's Out! Gone Swimming."

Children sitting on a Community Christian Church parade float decorated with a cutout of a church building. The float's theme is "Good Old Time Vacation Bible School Days."
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