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A Fourth of July parade float celebrating Victory 4-H Club's tenth anniversary.

Children and adults dressed as cowboys wave from a float decorated with hay bales and cacti. The float's theme is "Lasso a Good Book For Some Good Old Fashioned Learnin'" to represent the Coralville Public Library's summer reading program.

Children from TLC Child Development sit on a float decorated like a schoolhouse.

Girl Scouts from Troop #2039 sit in a truck bed under a red schoolhouse roof. They are wearing bonnets to fit with the parade's theme of "Good Old Fashion School Days."

A three-tier tire birthday cake Fourth of July parade float to celebrate Linder Tire Service's 60th anniversary.

A person in a mascot costume sits on top of an Iowa City Chem-Dry van in the Fourth of July parade.

A float for the Country Kitchen restaurant leading a long line of other parade floats. Its them is "Down Home in Hawkeye Country."

A large group of adults and children outfitted in Forever Green garden center t-shirts sit on concrete garden benches and planters. One man is in front of an open grill.

People on a parade float sit around a card table adorned with various pieces of Hawkeye memorabilia.

Children dressed in Hawkeye spirit wear ride on a small, black and gold float.

University of Iowa Hawkeye athletes and Herky the Hawk on a black and gold float.

Members of the Starship Riverside Fan Club dressed as characters from Star Trek wave from a parade float decorated as the deck of the Enterprise.

The Cosgrove Clatter Band plays pocket trumpets and tambourines in the Fourth of July parade.

Young adults and children ride in the back of an antique firetruck decorated with a Big Brothers/Big Sisters banner in the Fourth of July parade.

Iowa City Community Band members at rest during the 1991 Fourth of July parade. One of the musicians doffs his cap to the camera.

Faculty and staff of ICCSD sit together on a float with the theme "Red White & Blue: Building A Bright Future For You!"

School-aged children sit at desks on a parade float to represent the Christian Home Educators Fellowships (CHEF).

Cub Scouts from Troop #207 and veterans from the US Armed Forces stand together, holding military branch flags, on a parade float.

Optimist International's parade float with the them Optimism and Patriotism. A woman dressed as the Statue of Liberty is standing on the float.

Veterans smile from their seats on a patriotically decorated parade float in the 1991 parade.
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