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Ad for Grand Opening, Open House and ribbon cutting for the new Coralville park Altmaier Family Park.

Building of new play structures and equipment for Kiddie Korral Park in Coralville, Iowa

PAR005 (1).jpg
Assembling the new play equipment to be installed in Kiddie Korral Park 8th St. and 12th Ave. Coralville

reflect heal act.jpg
A community gathering was held on Sunday, June 7 from 2:00 to 3:30 pm in S.T. Morrison Park in Coralville to reflect, heal, and learn how to take action on racial justice issues in Coralville.

Playground sign.jpg
A sign in S.T. Morrison Park to notify visitors of safety precautions for using play equipment during the summer of the pandemic.

text reads: "This Playground is open but not sanitized; use at your own risk."
"Do your part to reduce the spread…

A Coralville city sign at the North Ridge Park that reads, "Playground closed by order of the governor, state of Iowa."

Behind the sign, an empty playground is surrounded by yellow caution tape that states "Caution" and "Cuidado."
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