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Tree damage in Cedar Rapids, Iowa from the Derecho storm.

Storm debris from the Derecho storm and a handmade sign advertising "OAK firewood FREE".

A flagpole bent over during a strong wind storm called a Derecho on August 10, 2020. In the front yard of a house on Ozark Ridge in Coralville, IA.

A tree that fell on a minivan during the Derecho storm on Ozark Ridge in Coralville, Iowa.

Tree in Pitcher Family's back yard that was broken apart by storm. This was taken after down branches had been moved to wall of debris ready for pick up and removal to landfill.

The Pitchers live on a corner lot with multiple damaged trees. The wall of debris covered both sides of the lot. More debris piles can be seen across the street on the corner of Oak Lake Park Road and Holiday Rd.

A large evergreen tree is uprooted during the August 10, 2020 Derecho storm. It is laying in front of an intact tree. The trees were located in the court yard of Parkside Manor Apartments.

A tree damaged during Derecho Storm August 10, 2020 on Holiday Rd.
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