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Librarian Kayla Cook organizes the Coralville Public Library Seed Library. Kayla planned, created, and maintains the Seed Library, which began in early 2022. The seeds are stored in a repurposed card catalog cabinet.

Five graphics created to advertise the new seed library. The seed library is conceived of and run by Kayla Cook to share and redistribute seeds from the community.

Two photos of the Color with Coralville sheet at different stages of completion. Color with Coralville was a collaborative public coloring page that invited patrons to sit down and color a portion of a large coloring page. The first picture shows a…

A Light in the Attic by Shel Silverstein
A series of five graphics from Banned Books Week 2016.

See individual item descriptions for transcriptions.

A commemorative booklet celebrating Coralville Public Library's 25th year of service in 1990. The booklet contains statistics about the library, its staff, and its history.

See Table of Contents for page descriptions.

A borrower card for Poet's Choice, edited by Paul Engle, with Dewey Decimal number 821.08 E58. There are due date stamps ranging from 1973 to 1975, along with censored names of past borrowers.

A photobook of Fourth of July parade floats for Hills Bank, created to celebrate Keith Jones's retirement. The first page includes signatures and messages from his colleagues, and the book came with a program for the 2021 parade, when Keith was the…

Two Coralville Public Library cards with cardholders' names covered. The cards came with a note from a former patron, which reads, "I found it in my lock and I am sended [sic] it back to you." See Relation - Gaylord's Charging Machine for more…

Hills Bank employees dressed in 1950s costumes wave from the parade float. The float's theme is "Rock & Roll America."

Hills Bank employees dressed as characters from Popeye the Sailor Man pose on the parade float. The float's theme is "Strong to the Finish."

"2010 July 4th Parade Coralville."

Keith Jones, dressed in pajamas and laying on a bed, waves from the parade float. The float's theme is "Coralville: Where Dreams Come True!"

A blue ribbon awarded to Hills Bank for its float in Coralville's 1997 Fourth of July parade. The front reads, "Coralville July 4th Parade, First Place," while a card on the back reads, "Bank Theme."

"Jungle Fever, July 4, 1997, Tammy McKinnon -- Gordon Hinz -- Keith Jones."

Tammy McKinnon in a gorilla costume, Gordon Hinz in an explorer's costume, and Keith Jones in a jungle man costume wave from the parade float. The float's theme is "Jungle…

Hills Bank employees dressed in old western costumes wave from the parade float. The float's theme is "Happy Trails to You."

Two Hills Bank employees dressed in traditional German costumes wave from the parade float. The float's theme is "Some Kind of Wunderbar."

"Off to Walley World, July 4, 2018."

Hills Bank employees stand on a parade float decorated with a highway sign and a car. The float's theme is "Best Stops in America," with stops on the sign including Coralville, IA, the Grand Canyon, the Hoover…

Hills Bank employees, dressed as the Ghostbusters and Louis Tully from the movie Ghostbusters, wave from the parade float. The float's theme is "Slime into Coralville."

"July 4th, 2003, Coralville 4th of July Parade, Hills Bank Float - Keith Jones, Becky DeWaard, Tammy Smith."

Keith is dressed as a matador, and Becky and Tammy are dressed as flamenco dancers. The float's theme is "Hills Bank Loves Coralville - No…

Keith Jones sits in a bath tub full of balloon "bubbles" for the Coralville Fourth of July Parade in 2001. The float's theme is "Bubbling Over with Coralville Pride."

Adrian Dale, who was voting for the first time, two weeks after his 18th birthday. It was during the pandemic so masks were required. Lucas Elementary School, Iowa City.
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