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Two boys putting through the King's Materials hole at the 2013 Putt Fore the Library fundraising event. Local businesses sponsored and decorated the holes for the event.

Miria - teen award.jpg
Congratulations Miria! Miria Burns is the winner of the 2020 Teen Service Award. Friends of the Coralville Public Library board members, Bill and Pat Benson and Coralville Public Library Teen Librarian Karen Stierler presented Miria with her check in…

Sara Pitcher describes meeting her family outdoors to go for a hike at Wildcat Den State Park. Following the outing they visit a brewery that does not accept cash due to heightened concern about hygiene during the pandemic.

This mileage sheet was likely given as a resource to guests and potential guests of the Blue Top Motel to show the driving distances between the motel in Coralville and several cities in Iowa, as well as larger cities in Illinois, Nebraska,…

The Falduto girls on the their back porch in April 2020.
Pictured: Piper, in a t-shirt promoting a play; Samantha, in a t-shirt from a Camila Cabello concert that was held in a football stadium, and Rachel, who likes that shirt.

A photograph taken from the kitchen window of a third floor apartment. While the apartment's covered deck remains clear, the houses, trees, and yards of neighbors are covered in snow. This view faces towards 10th street; the apartment building is at…

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A girl putting at the first hole at the Putt Fore the Library fundraiser. This is the hole sponsored by Hills Bank and Trust, a longtime supporter and partner to the Coralville Public Library. Golfers could win cash while putting through this hole.

Iowa Department of Human Services advertised a service to help people find and schedule COVID-19 vaccinations and the Coralville Public Library shared this information on their Facebook page.
text reads: Iowans with barriers to scheduling a vaccine…

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An extra activity at the Putt Fore the Library was a Photo Booth. Participants pose with provided props and take home a souvenir from the day.

Adrian Dale, who was voting for the first time, two weeks after his 18th birthday. It was during the pandemic so masks were required. Lucas Elementary School, Iowa City.

An aerial photograph of a residential area of Coralville. Highway 6 can be seen along the upper edge of the image; the Iowa City Drive-In is in upper right corner.

An aerial photograph of a residential area of Coralville. Highway 6 can be seen along the upper edge of the image; the Iowa City Drive-In is in upper left corner.

An aerial view of the city of Coralville. On the bottom of the image, the Iowa City Electric and Power Company can be seen on the Iowa River with the dam. Koser's Store stands across the road and diagonal from the company. Fifth Street runs…

Albert O. Carlton leans against a doorway to a brick building in what looks to be an alleyway. Both hands in his pockets, he wears a three piece suit and a bowler cap. A camera appears to be perched on a stand of some kind in the right side of the…

The family home of Alexander and Caroline (Gould) Hart Koser. Located at the corner of Sixth Street and First Avenue, this house was built after 1872, when Alexander purchased 470 acres of land from John. H. Clark.

In this photograph, three…

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Ellen Alexander, Coralville Public Library Assistant Director and her family playing through the Tele Tubbie hole during the Putt fore the Library Fundraiser in 2014.

From left Ellen Alexander, Izzy Dykstra, Sam Alexander(baby), Doug Alexander…

Alfred and Helen (Vrana) Jensen stand outside next to a dark vehicle, which has both the driver's door and the trunk door open.

Alfred Jensen was born to George and Johanna (Anderson) Jensen on July 16, 1903. Helen Vrana was born was to Anton and…

Alice (Hunter) Ott was born to Cyrus and Eliza (Ramsay) Hunter in Riverside, Iowa on September 27, 1870. In 1897, three years after Eliza's death, Alice and her father moved to Coralville, Iowa. She was the city's first postmistress.

Alice married…

Ad for Grand Opening, Open House and ribbon cutting for the new Coralville park Altmaier Family Park.

A formal portrait of Alvaretta (Francis) Edwards, circa late 1880s-1890s.

Alvaretta was born to Charles and Mary Ellen (Clark) Francis of Coralville, Iowa in 1873. In 1902, she married Al Edwards. They had two children: Edith Mary (b. 1910) and…
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