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Swails Flowers, a Coralville florist located on highway 6.

An official commendation from the Department of the Army to Margaret Morgan from Major General Warren G. Lawson of the Iowa Army National Guard.

The commendation reads:

"For organizing the Annual Coralville Fourth of July Parade which helps to…

Coralville Quasquicentennial Cookbook.pdf
A cookbook made up of recipes gathered from community members to celebrate Coralville's quasquicentennial (125th anniversary) in 1998.

Coralville Centennial Cookbook.pdf
A cookbook made up of recipes gathered from community members to celebrate Coralville's centennial in 1973.

The following people contributed recipes:

A. Antes
Addy Dennis
Adeline Brooks
Aileen Kron
Alice M. Wieneke
Amelia Bruner

Former mayor Mike Kattchee and his wife Dolores take part in Coralville's 125th anniversary celebrations. They are dressed in historical costumes.

Lest We Forget.pdf
A centennial publication to celebrate Coralville History and citizens.

A close-up shot of the First National Bank's float in the Fourth of July parade.

A portrait of Mike Kattchee, who served as mayor of Coralville from 1978 to 1993.

Portrait of Al Axeen, who served as Coralville's mayor from 1994 to 1995.

Mayor Jim Fausett and city administrator Kelly shake hands at the ribbon cutting ceremony for the new Marriott hotel at the Iowa River Landing.

5 Mayors Selfie.JPG
Five Coralville mayors pose for a selfie at the 1876 Schoolhouse. From left to right, Dick Myers, Mike Kattchee, Al Axeen, who is taking the selfie, John Lundell, and Jim Fausett.

Five Coralville mayors stand together in the 1876 Schoolhouse. From left to right: Dick Myers, Mike Kattchee, Al Axeen, Jim Fausett, and John Lundell, who was serving his mayoral term at the time of the photograph.

Irving Weber, a local historian, rides in the back of a car as Grand Marshall of the 1984 Coralville Fourth of July parade

A photobook of Fourth of July parade floats for Hills Bank, created to celebrate Keith Jones's retirement. The first page includes signatures and messages from his colleagues, and the book came with a program for the 2021 parade, when Keith was the…

Six company trucks sit in front of the Econogas Service building. The trucks are loaded with propane gas canisters and tanks.

The partially collapsed and still-burning remains of the Econogas Service building after the fire of June 4, 1964. In the background, a firehose is being deployed by a volunteer firefighter.

A man runs in front of a city fire engine, which is parked in front of the burning, partially collapsed Econogas Service building.

A fire plume consumes buildings and a tree at Econogas Service. Several cars sit parked just beyond the reach of the fire.

A closeup image of a Coralville Fire Department truck on fire

Coralville police officers capture a raccoon in a large cardboard box outside of a city building.
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