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A front view of the wheel-house under construction in 1915. It contained two waterwheels and was a part of the project to rebuild the dam in the 1910s.

This wheel-house was a part of the Iowa City Light and Power Company. The articles of this…

Workers start construction on the old mill dam to create a 3,000-kilowatt waterwheel pit for the Iowa City Electric Light and Power Company. The old flour mill can be seen in the background; *snow covers the project and the men wear coats and hats…

About twenty men work repair construction on the wooden dam. Whether these repairs were needed due to the result of age, use, or ice damage is unknown.

Behind the workers along the bank of the river are the Coralville mills. Starting from the left…

A wooden dam built across the Iowa River. Trees line the side of either bank of the river behind the dam. Wood boards lay in haphazard piles along the shore closest to the photographer.

During an Iowa City Manufacturing Company meeting on May 18,…

Young boys (left to right) Edwin "Ned" Paintin and Clifford Koser fish together near the mills. They sit on large rocks near a stone archway, their fishing poles cast into the calm water flowing underneath. Clifford wears a hat; Ned's hat sits behind…

A houseboat that belonged to John Davis. Son Otis is sitting next to it on a ridge of land; a wooden plank to the left of him serves as a plank to get on and off the deck of the houseboat. Behind the houseboat, both the Coralville Dam and the flour…

Two women from the Carlton-Huffman family wash laundry outdoors in metal buckets next to the water pump. Both women have the sleeves of their dresses rolled up and wear aprons, hair held back with tied handkerchiefs. A basket of laundry sits at their…

Clark McGinnis, son of John Ralph McGinnis and Florence (Clark) McGinnis, and Ezekiel Clark, Jr, stand on a concrete ledge, likely part of the Iowa River Electric Light and Power Company near the Coralville mill dam and catwalk. Both grip the lower…

Three persons balance on a fallen tree over Clear Creek. Their reflections can be seen in the water below them.

Fred John Kriz can be seen standing on the left side; the boy sitting in the middle and a man in overalls on the right side are both…

A woman smiles at the camera while using the home water pump to fill up a pitcher. She wears a checkered dress lined in lace and high heels. While unknown, this woman was likely a family member or friend of the Kriz family.

A woman rests her hand on the bridge's metal railing over the Coralville Dam and peers over to the falling water below. The bridge is narrow...

Likely a friend or family member of the Kriz family, based on the photos it was donated with.

A picture of the Coralville Mill Dam from the river bank, near where the Iowa City Electric Light and Power Company was built around 1915 (Walch, p. 32). While the river water flows undeterred through the dam, large chunks of ice form near the base…

A man fishes off a guarded out-crop by the Iowa River Electric Light and Power Company, downstream of the Coralville mill dam. The roiling waters of the river made for particularly good fishing spots.

Flood water comes up and over the base of a handrail next to the Iowa City Electric Light and Power Company. The photo centers on a sign that states "Private Property Keep Off"; the Coralville Dam can be seen behind on the left hand side. The water…

A postcard with a photo of the Coralville Dam near Iowa City with a hand-written message.

The transcription is as follows:

"You asked what card you sent last. John Ball Park, Gr. Rapids. As I have completed my collection, I shall discontinue…

The excursion boat Coralville Queen sits stuck on the bridge over the dam after slipping its mooring during a 1960s flood (Walch, p. 23).

The churning waters of the Iowa River has overtaken the bridge above the dam and heads towards Iowa City (Walch, p. 23).

Two fire engines park on a street in front of a two-storied house. A ladder is leaned against the side of the house, over a smoking window on the second story.

Fire hoses are stretched out in the street, laying in puddles of water. These hoses…

Coralville residents gather outside Koser's Store before embarking on an expedition to see the flooded riverbanks of the Iowa River. Flood water can be seen flowing through the street; two men work with a chain in front of a parked truck, while two…
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