Gathering outside Koser's Store during Iowa River flood, 1940s


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Coralville residents gather outside Koser's Store before embarking on an expedition to see the flooded riverbanks of the Iowa River. Flood water can be seen flowing through the street; two men work with a chain in front of a parked truck, while two other man stand further back from the camera, holding up a bottle as if to toast someone.

The second version of the image is written on in marker; the writer points out different individuals and items in the photograph. Starting from left to right:

"Dad" points to Joseph A. Brandstatter, who wears overalls . He holds up his arm, holding what appears to be a bottle.

An unknown word points to the bottle in Brandstatter's hand.

"Rarey" points to Ray Rarey, who wears a white shirt. He stands next to Brandstatter, also with his arm up; he holds a different bottle in his other hand.

"Refrigerators" points to the two refrigerators sitting on the front porch of Koser's Store.

"John Wineke" points to a man standing in the back of the truck, wearing a hat. He looks directly at the camera. John dressed poultry for Koser's Store.

"Vera" points to a woman also standing in the bed of the truck. This is Vera (Koser) Russell, the daughter of Edward and Harriet (Paintin) Koser. Edward was the original owner of Koser's Store.

Rex Brandstatter identified the man in the truck looking away from the camera as Wade Russell, Vera's husband and the owner of Koser's Store when this photo was taken. The boy is Wade and Vera's eldest son Jimmy Lee, born 1936 (Brandstatter; Lovetinsky et al., p. 110-111).


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Coralville, Iowa


“Gathering outside Koser's Store during Iowa River flood, 1940s,” Coralville Digital History Library, accessed May 22, 2024,

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