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Ellen Alexander, Coralville Public Library Assistant Director and her family playing through the Tele Tubbie hole during the Putt fore the Library Fundraiser in 2014.

From left Ellen Alexander, Izzy Dykstra, Sam Alexander(baby), Doug Alexander…

P4L_2013 (84).JPG
Two boys putting through the King's Materials hole at the 2013 Putt Fore the Library fundraising event. Local businesses sponsored and decorated the holes for the event.

P4L_2009 (9).jpg
Logan Creach and his dad Eric Creach were participating in the first year (2009) of the Putt Fore the Library fundraiser. The hole was sponsored and decorated by New Pioneer Coop where Eric was store manager.

Bartlett Family children putting through the Putt Fore the Library Hole sponsored by Build to Suit in 2015.

First picture-Sam Bartlett, Second picture- Grace Bartlett, Third picture- Ben Bartlett

Boyhood neighbors Mike Parker (left) and Gary Anderson (right) paint a small shed together. Both grinning boys wear rimmed caps, and have one hand on the hip as the other hand paints. Anderson's house can be seen in the back left corner of the…

Hazelle (Yenter) Parkers kneels on the front lawn next to a low cart, which her young neighbor Allen Beachler sits inside. He wears a hat and holds an item in his hands, which Hazelle appears to be looking at. Adam looks up at her, apparently…

Taken from behind the batter, this image shows a boy preparing his bat to swing. Another boy can be seen on at the pitcher's spot, arm in the air but hand empty. The ball floats midair between the two players. Further back, more boys can be seen in…

Ethel Jaynes, a Coralville student, stands facing away from the camera at the baseball game in front of her. Her left hand fitted into a glove and her right hand pushing back her hair, she waits for the ball to be hit where she stands in the center…

Twenty-three elementary students pose for a class photograph outside the Coralville Elementary School. All the children wear winter gear, such as coats and hats.

Six young children squint their eyes as they peer forward; four gaze directly at the camera while two others have their attention on a person or object to the right of the photographer. The children all sit on a sand bank; grass begins to grow…

The junior high boy's basketball ball team line up for a photograph in their team uniforms. The boys in the front row kneel, basketballs under their hands, while the back row stands.

Front row, left to right: Ron Horrell (#5), Jim Cannon, Jr.…

A group of second graders and their teacher Mary Dunn stand for a class photograph in front of Coralville Central School (Walch, p. 77).

A photograph from the front of a classroom, as if from a teacher's perspective. Two rows of desks filled with students line either side of the photograph; boys and girls look down at the open books on their desks. Behind the students is the classroom…

Leslie Miller, Past-President of the Coralville Optimist Club, shakes the hand of a Little League baseball player Rick Pionkowski as he hands him a trophy. The backs of two other baseball players can be seen on the left side of image, the words…

A group of children wait their turn to have their bicycles inspected by Optimist Club member Arnold Bartels, who kneels on the sidewalk to test the tire pressure of the first bicycle in line. The bicycle safety check was sponsored annually by the…

Thirteen Boy Scouts from Troop 207 pose for a photograph in front of a mountain and their camp site in New Mexico. This was taken during a trip in 1971, when the Scouts went to spend twelve days hiking and mountain climbing. Other highlighted trips…

Assistant Scoutmaster and nine boys from Troop 207 work on a building project in the woods. Most of the boys wear uniforms with Boy Scout patches; some carry white rope, while young Doug Dee holds a water canteen. Jeff Brom and Tom Slade kneel beside…

A family photograph of James Sr. and Mary (Dowman) Paintin. The family wears coats and hats; the children in front are sitting on some type of cart or bicycle.

First row, left to right: Paul Paintin, Murry Robinson, Robert Hemphill, Maria Paintin,…

Edwin " Ned" Paintin (b. Feb 28, 1897-d Dec. 4, 1954) is the only child of John "Jack" Paintin and Frances (Robinson) Paintin.

Edwin Paintin was a member of Company A 530th Engineers and served in WWI.

He married Ruth Davis, daughter of Otis…

A formal family portrait of the Jacob Reiland family. The photograph has a matting, which has a written signature in cursive on the bottom right corner.*

Front row, left to right: George A. Reiland, Kathryn (Fisher) Reiland, Laura Klema, Jacob…
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