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A promotional float for a World War II and Johnson County veterans commemoration scheduled for September 1994, in collaboration with the Senior Center and the North Liberty American Legion Post 1976.

Cub Scouts from Troop #207 and veterans from the US Armed Forces stand together, holding military branch flags, on a parade float.

Veterans smile from their seats on a patriotically decorated parade float in the 1991 parade.

Veterans wearing dress blues wave from the American Legion Post 721 parade float.

A military veteran sits on a float in the Fourth of July parade.

Ethel (Douglass) and Gordon J. Dinsmore pose for a photograph with their arms around each other. Ethel wears a knee length dress with a belt, and Gordon has on his Navy white uniform.

Gordon and Ethel (Douglass) Dinsmore married in 1924 and moved…

A 4thFest parade float featuring the members of the American Legion-Walter Johnson Post #721. The men sit on hay bales and hold small American flags.

The first meeting of the Legion #721 was on January 28, 1954. At that meeting, it was decided…

Richard "Dick" Goss, Sr. points at his name on the Coralville World War II Honor Roll, which is in the first column on the left. He wears a long coat, hat, and gloves.

The World War II Honor Roll was a large sign listing the names of servicemen…

Members of the American Legion Post #721 stand in a row with their arms around each other and smile for photographs. Two of the men hold shovels that were used during the ceremony.

The members of both the American Legion Walter Johnson Post #721…

The American Legion Post #721 color guard and firing squad line up in the Oak Hill Cemetery during Memorial Day Services in 1962.

This Legion Post was the first organization in Coralville to hold Memorial Services at the cemetery. The Coralville…

A snapshot of Fred E. Paintin (b. 4/11/1892-d. 6/21/72), son of James Paintin, Sr and Mary (Dowman) Paintin. Fred Paintin was employed at the Coralville Power Plant and also served as Coralville Town Marshal (Lovetinsky et al., p. 121).

Frank and his wife Anastasia Grace (Beranek) Stinocher stand by a house, their daughter Dorothy (Stinocher) Stimmel between them. Dorothy holds her baby son, Larry Stimmel; she looks down at him, her hair tied back with a ribbon. Frank also looks…

Francis Stinocher poses for a photograph, wearing his navy uniform with a white cap. He holds onto a metal chain in front of him with both hands, his elbow resting on a banister. The metal studs, hanging lifebuoy and coiled rope behind him indicate…

Richard "Dick" Goss and Robert "Bud" Halvorsen sit side by side on the foot board of Dick's first car, a 1929 Essex. The photograph has a decorative border; on the very bottom, the words "Dick + Bud 1941" are written in ink.

Richard "Dick" Goss…

Gordon Dinsmore, his sons Charles and Bill, and his mother Bertha (Ibs) Dinsmore Greer pose for a photograph outside. Gordon and eldest son Charles both wear Navy uniforms (Gordon in white, Charles in blue). Bill stands in front of his father,…

Ethel (Douglass) and Gordon Dinsmore at an American Legion event. Ethel wears a dress, corsage, and large beaded necklace, while Gordon wears a plaid shirt, striped jacket with a pin, and his American Legion Post #721 hat.

Gordon was a charter…

Loran Kohl and Mary Elizabeth (Hipp) Conklin at a wedding. He wears a suit, with a tie, white boutonniere, and cane; she wears a short sleeved dress, hat, corsage, and gloves. Flowers and an ornate altar can be seen behind them, and the white fabric…

Albert O. Carlton leans against a doorway to a brick building in what looks to be an alleyway. Both hands in his pockets, he wears a three piece suit and a bowler cap. A camera appears to be perched on a stand of some kind in the right side of the…

Robert Rogers served as on the City Council for eight years before being elected for Mayor. He took office in 1972, overseeing the expansion of the water and the sewage plant, a sign ordinance, and the city's centennial celebration in 1973. He served…

After serving two years on the City Council, Daniel Ray Fesler was elected as Mayor of Coralville for the 1962-1963 term. Mayor Fesler oversaw the replatting of the cemetery, the appointment of the first City Engineer and Buildings Inspector, and the…
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