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Images of America: Coralville, Iowa


The Images of America: Coralville, Iowa collection contains the photographs gathered by Timothy Walch as he did research for his 2015 book Images of America: Coralville, which is part of the "Images of America" series by Arcadia Publishing. The photo history by Walch covers the history of Coralville: the early founders of the city, changing industry and commerce throughout the years, the city's relationship to the Iowa River, local governance, service given by residents to both the local community and the United States of America, students and education, and social functions such as city festivals and recreational programs. The wide range of topics is reflected in this collection, which includes family photographs, images of the mill industries and other local businesses, a portrait series of past mayors, and class pictures from Coralville schools. Also included are images of community groups, road construction, destruction from fires and floods, and local holiday celebrations.

Descriptions for each image were written by Rachel Black and Wendy Stevenson using information from the donors and the primary sources listed below. If users of this database have additional information about the images or notice discrepancies, they are encouraged to reach out to the Coralvillle Digital History Library.

A special thank you to Timothy Walch, Allison Ames Galstad, Ellen Hampe Alexander, Rex Brandstatter, Wendy Stevenson, and all of our donors. 

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Timothy Walch
Rachel Black
Wendy Stevenson


Ancestry Library
Ancestry Library is a genealogical collection of databases created out of a partnership between ProQuest and for the use of library patrons. The databases include federal censuses, military draft cards and enlistment records, directories, records of birth, marriage, divorce, and death, and much more. Coralville Public Library patrons can access Ancestry Library through the library website. In library use only.
The Coralville Courier
The Coralville Courier
was a weekly newspaper that began publishing in Coralville, Iowa on November 27, 1968 and was delivered to over 2,500 homes and businesses in the Coralville area. The last publication occurred in October of 1982. The Coralville Courier can now be found on microfilm at the Coralville Public Library. Digitized copies can also be found through this link:
Horwirtz, R. (1985) The Strip: An American Place. Lincoln, NE: University of Nebraska Press.
Richard P. Horwitz, an American Studies professor and consultant, wrote The Strip: An American Place in order to examine both the people and landscapes associated with business strips. Set in Coralville, Iowa, from the years 1978-1982, Horwitz interviews employees at the Carousel, Millie from Diamond Mil's Lounge, and Ermal Loghry from Loghry's. Photographs in this book were taken by Karin E. Becker. Copies of the The Strip can be found at the Coralville Public Library.

All photographs taken by Karin Becker for this project have been given this citation, regardless if the photograph was printed in the book or not.
Iowa City Press-Citizen
The Iowa City Press-Citizen is a newspaper local to Iowa City, Iowa; generations of citizens living in Coralville, Iowa has subscribed to this paper, as well. It was formed in 1920 when two newspapers merged: the Democratic Iowa State Press, which began printing in 1860, and the Republican Iowa City Citizen, which was founded in 1891. A digital collection of articles dated from the 1890s to current day exists on the Iowa City Press-Citizen website; users can access these for a subscription fee. A second collection of articles that range from November 2002 to current day can be accessed through the Iowa City Public Library.

Users of the Coralville Digital History Library may note an asterisk (*) behind Iowa City Press-Citizen article citations listed in the Sources of individual photographs. This indicates a physical copy of the article can be found in scrapbooks put together by Coralville Public Library volunteer Marilyn Jensen. These scrapbooks, due to their fragile condition, are stored at the Coralville Public Library with limited access. They are not available for check-out.
Lovetinsky, P., Rogers, F., Russell, V., & Schwab, J. (1973) Lest We Forget: Coralville, Iowa, 1873-1973. 
Pauline Lovetinsky, Frances Rogers, Vera Russell, and Jean Schwab, librarians from the Coralville Public Library, compiled and edited Lest We Forget in celebration of the City of Coralville's centennial in 1973. The book contains information about the early history and pioneers of Coralville, essays about how different businesses and social groups formed, and short histories about families who lived in Coralville.
Reuman, J. (2019) Iowa Firefighters Memorial History.
Joan Reuman compiled this history on the Iowa Firefighters Memorial, located in Coralville, Iowa. The book include a timeline of events from the conception to the creation of the memorial, as well as brief vignettes on memorial services, death notices for firefighters across Iowa, and poems. This resource includes a DVD and is available for check out at the Coralville Public Library.
Walch, T. (2015) Images of America: Coralville. Charleston, SC: Arcadia Publishing.
Historian Timothy Walch wrote and compiled this photo history of Coralville, Iowa with help from Rex Brandstatter, the Johnson County Historial Society, the Coralville Public Library, and numerous community donors. This book acted as the impetus for the creation of the Coralville Digital History Library. Images of America: Coralville is available for check out at the Coralville Public Library. Copies can also be purchased at the circulation desk.

All photographs that are included in Walch's book have this citation listed in Sources.
Wiederrecht-Finke, L. (2003) The Blue Top Motel. New London, IA: Lane's End Publishing. 
Author and photographer Lois Wiederrecht-Finke worked in partnership with Blue Top Motel owners Larry and Judy Smith to create this history and memoir of the Blue Top Motel in Coralville, Iowa. This book can be found at the Johnson County Historical Society Museum and the Coralville Public Library.


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Johnson County Historical Society
Rex Brandstatter
City of Coralville
Michael Parker
Dolores Slade
Bill Ackerman
Jim Cannon
Lois Wiederrecht-Finke
Larry & Judy Smith
Marilyn Cermak
Coralville Public Library


The photographs in The Images of America: Coralville collection are shown with the permission of the private owners and of the Johnson County Historical Society, and are for educational use only.

TIFF versions of most photographs are available for researchers and students upon request.






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Johnson County, Iowa

Collection Items

Frank & Cora (Demory) Alwine, 1900
A formal portrait of Frank and Cora (Demory) Alwine on their wedding day.

Frank Alwine was born March 27, 1868 near North Liberty, Iowa. Cora was born on December 15, 1881 to Edward and Elizabeth (Lucas) Demory in Bell Plaine. In 1900, he and Cora…

The Frank Alwine family, 1920
A family portrait of Frank Alwine, his wife Cora, and three of their four children.

Front row, left to right: Frank Alwine, Dorothy (Alwine) [Benjamin] Schneider, and Cora (Demory) Alwine.

Back row, left to right: Ella (Alwine) [William]…

Alwine-Schneider family wedding, 1934
A wedding photograph of two couples: on the left, Clarence & Ruth (Wade) Alwine, and on the right, Ben & Dorothy (Alwine) Schneider.

Clarence was married previously to Alice McMillan. They had two children, Marian (b, 1927) and Kenneth (b. 1929),…

The Frank Alwine home, undated
The family home of Frank and Cora (Demory) Alwine. The two-storied house was north of Coralville when purchased, but is now addressed 704 First Avenue.

The house came with five acres of land, which the Alwines used to grow vegetables, berries, and…

Robert & Donald Bender, 1931
Brothers Robert and Donald Bender pose in formal suits in front of their home. Near the bottom of the photograph, the words "Bob + Don" are written in cursive.

Robert and Donald are the two sons of Leonard O. and Nadine (Kronmiller) Bender. Their…

The Benjamin Bowers family, 1920s
A photograph of Benjamin W. and Samantha Ann (Poland) with their four children, taken outside. Also pictured is Zella (Mathes) Bowers, who married A. Ray Bowers in 1920.

Benjamin W. Bowers was born on January 30, 1851 to Nathaniel and Esther…

The Benjamin Bowers home, undated
The family home of Benjamin W. and Samantha Ann (Poland) Bowers. The couple raised their four children and their niece Ethel M. Poland in this house on First Avenue.

Benjamin Bowers was a farmer, but he also worked at Coral Mills, the Pearl Oat…

The Bowers family, 1920s
A photograph of the Bowers family, taken on the front porch of the William Bowers home.

Back row, left to right: Emma (Bowers) Cropley, Miriam (Reeves) Bowers, Samantha Ann (Poland) Bowers, Joseph W., William H. Bowers, Benjamin W. Bowers, Ethel…

William & Miriam (Reeve) Bowers, 1902
A formal portrait of William Hamilton Bowers and Miriam Reeve on their wedding day. They were married on August 2, 1902.

William H. Bowers was born on July 28, 1877 and was the eldest son of Benjamin and Samantha (Poland) Bowers. Miriam Reeve was…

The William Bowers home, undated
The family home of William and Miriam (Reeves) Bower. In 1917, William and his father Benjamin bought a shared plot of 200 acres next to the Iowa River in Coralville. He and Miriam moved from their farm in Tiffin to this house on First Avenue…

Genevieve (Nagle) Brandstatter with children, 1920s
Genevieve (Nagle) Brandstatter sits behind a wooden chair, holding daughter June (b. 1921). On the chair, her son Erwin (b. 1919) and oldest daughter Ruth (b. 1916) sit side by side. All three children gaze left, while Genevieve stares directly into…

The Joseph A. Brandstatter home, undated
The family home of Joseph A. and Genevieve (Nagle) Brandstatter at 509 Sixth Avenue.

Joseph and Genevieve purchased three lots from Bert Manville in the area that would become Coralville Heights. The construction of the house was completed on July…

Dogs being raised by Joseph and Genevieve (Nagle) Brandstatter, 1930s
The back yard of the house belonging to J.A. and Genevieve (Nagle) Brandstatter. A shed can be seen attached to several fenced off enclosures. These enclosures hold a number of small dogs.

During the Great Depression, the Brandstatters raised…

Joseph & Genevieve (Nagle) Brandstatter, 1940s-1950s
Joseph and Genevieve (Nagle) Brandstatter stand in the driveway by their home. They both wear long coats and hats.

The couple was married in 1915 and became Coralville residents in 1929. They were active participants in the community and had four…

Joseph & Genevieve (Nagle) Brandstatter, 1950s-1960s
A formal photograph of Coralville residents Joseph & Genevieve (Nagle) Brandstatter.

Joseph "Brandy" Brandstatter managed rural circulation for Davenport Newspapers, Inc. He also served as town marshal from 1937-1951, while Genevieve served as…

Edwin and Mary (Utterback) Bryant, 1960s
A photograph of Edwin and Mary (Utterback) Bryant in their living room. Mary sits in a chair with a blanket wrapped around her shoulders while Edwin sits on the couch, smoking a pipe. This photograph was published in "Lest We Forget: Coralville,…

Albert O. "Bud" Carlton, undated
Albert O. Carlton leans against a doorway to a brick building in what looks to be an alleyway. Both hands in his pockets, he wears a three piece suit and a bowler cap. A camera appears to be perched on a stand of some kind in the right side of the…

Mamie (Huffman) & John Huff out for a ride, 1910s
John Huff sits astride on his new motorcycle wearing googles and gloves; his wife Mamie (Huffman) Huff sits in a sidecar next to him on First Avenue (Walch, p. 58). A car is parked behind them facing the other way on the left hand side of the…

Carlton-Huffman family members pose around car, 1910s
Family members of the Carlton-Huffman family sit and stand around a family vehicle. Brother and sister Albert and Alice sit on the side of the car next to their Grandpa Conrad and half cousin Madeline; Madeline's brother Carl balances on the back…

Carlton-Huffman family children, 1910s
Five young cousins of the Carlton-Huffman family pose together around a tree stump. They appear to be behind a house, likely the family one on First Avenue and Seventh Street. The girls all wear white, sleeved dresses, while Carl wears a white shirt…
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